Tuesday, January 1, 2013

USA2012: Hollywood Dreaming (Universal Studios Hollywood)

Here's a list of what I've always dreamed of becoming:
1. Movie Producer/Director
1. Singer
3. Actor

In case you're wondering why I have 2 items in #1, they're pretty much what I still aspire to be and dream of being. So aside from Disney, the one other thing that had me excited was visiting Universal Studios Hollywood.

One thing that had me particularly excited? Their world famous 'Studio Tours'.
This isn't my first trip to California. The first time I traveled there was when I was 9, and at 9, one of the best and clearest memories I had of my California trip included US Hollywood's Studio Tours (and not being able to find Sleeping Beauty in Disneyland...).

It's one of the reasons why I now aspire to be a movie producer/director. I was so impressed by how people can turn empty sound stages into any place in the world - and beyond - and create such realistic effects that leave you to wonder how they did it. It's movie magic.

The first things you'd notice when you reach US Hollywood would be...
 The trademark Universal Studios Globe
 and a red carpet out and ready for you to make your grand entrance!

Once in the park, we rushed off to the Studio Tours before the queue started! (saves lots of time!)
And like I did 11 years ago, I was thoroughly enthralled and amazed by the Studio Tours. Driving around actual studio sets and sound stages and experiencing how your favorite filmmakers create their magic that translates into kickass effects on the big screen. You see effects from flash floods to parting the waters, from psychotic killers to King Kong saving you from the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park! I recommend that this is a MUST SEE for any movie buff (you should see it too even if you're not!).

 (on the tram in the Studio Tours)

#Universal Studios Traveller Tip: Hit the Studio Tours bright and early in the morning before the crowd comes! Saves waiting time!

In the US, one thing I love is food and that day, we had lasagna and pizza for lunch! The cheese! OMG. Its heavenly...

The rest of the day was, once again, filled with rides and pictures and good hard fun.
 bugs for breakfast anyone?
 Simpsons Land! This is another area and ride you might want to check out!
 The US Scenery is forever that beautiful...
God, I love that man.

 Bumblebee! (who kept playing with my hair! Psh!)

 Out for Pizza Delivery!
 Bean's mode of transport.
 Who can resist a bike?
 Ready.... ACTION!
 I delivered kisses to Scooby... and he gave some to me! ^^

I don't even know what happened here...
Anyway... SPONGEBOB!

Aside from the Studio Tours, here are some other stuff you may want to check out in the theme park:
The Simpsons Ride
Terminator 2 3D: This show includes both 3D AND live acting! Cover your ears for those gun shots in the auditorium, they're loud!
Transformers 3D: Been raving about this since I took the one in Singapore (it's exactly the same!)
Mummy Rollercoaster: It's actually different from USS and probably the best coaster in the theme park, so take it!

#Universal Studios Traveller Tip: Take the Simpsons Ride directly after your Studios Tour! The queue gets kinda long!

#Universal Studios Traveller Tip: Why not have a late lunch? Rides like Transformers and The Mummy have practically NO queue when it's lunchtime (11+ to 1)! Yes! NO QUEUE.

Hope my tips in this post helps you when you move around Universal Studios Hollywood!
Would love to hear what other tips and tricks you have to offer when moving around Universal Studios Hollywood! Remember! Comments and tweets are ALWAYS welcome!

Dammit! Smile before I end this post!

Have a great, crazy awesome 2013 Everyone! Happy NEW YEAR!
I hope all your dreams will come true this year! If they don't, don't stop trying! I'm in it for the long haul with all of you dreamers out there!

xoxo pamela

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