Thursday, February 28, 2013

NY Fall Fashion Week 2013

Finally! Recess Week is coming! Fashion weeks have come and gone and I've yet to churn out a single post on my favorite pieces! Here's a mini post to (hopefully) satisfy some of you darlings out there. I've only seen New York Fashion Week pictures, so please forgive my lack of depth in terms of style.

Preppy & Ready to Hit the Streets

The first thing that caught my eye are the extremely wearable pieces that dropped down on us during New York Fashion Week. Brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren and Vera Wang paraded their models with deliciously stunning preppy wear for this fall/winter that left me drooling by the time I was done.

Personal favorite? Ralph Lauren's designs (ie. The two on the far right).
Maybe it's because they feel so much like myself and what I would wear that they topped my favorites of Fashion Week, but Tommy Hilfiger (Three on the far left in plaid) holds a close second.

Of course, there were many others that caught my eye, but I only have that much space in a picture (and that much time on my hands).

Till next time.

xoxo pamela

Music Review: The Royal (Part 2)

 The Royal is probably one of the first bands I've reviewed since I started this blog, and when they released their new single 'This Isn't Love', I found myself loving the band more than I already did.

This band is seriously rad! The pop rock beats are always a great melody to listen to when I decide to calm my ears after listening to long periods of hard rock. Not to mention how This Isn't Love had me singing to it after a couple of listens! You guys HAVE TO listen to this!

This Isn't Love boasts of pop rock beats that'll have you tapping your toes and singing to it, and eventually dancing in your room (like Taylor Swift in You Belong With Me). Once again, The Royal blew me away with the perfect blend of beats, melody, background and vocals. It's the perfect fuse of the elements... God, I love it. (and my iTunes page is open as I blog this... Definitely buying this song! - PS. Update: I've already bought ALL their songs on iTunes)

Seriously though, The Royal has never failed to impress mefrom their rendition of Die Young to Girl Like That, to Freaks and This Isn't Love. I have no idea why these guys aren't signed yet because I think they have so much potential in them!

If you need more proof, listen to this:

Amazing right?
I swear I'm falling love with this band as I listen to more of their music! (and I wish I stayed in the US so I can visit them!! ): )

Since I've started my half ratings, here's what I think of The Royal:
It's no question that The Royal is  crazy talented and obviously know what they're doing. And I promise you, this grade has nothing to do with the fangirl in me. I wasn't totally convinced when I first listened to them because they didn't have much music on their YouTube page, but they're pretty successful in getting me on their side. (and falling for them. YES, I know I've said this a lot.)

Still, I'd love to hear MORE from The Royal. Perhaps you could show us a different side of you by trading the pop beats for something a bit more mellow? Like the acoustic version of Die Young.

Don't worry too much about the feedback. You already have a fan in me. I'll always be on your side. HEHE.

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xoxo pamela 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The School Outfit

Hello. Probational period for my contacts are up and I'm back to having 'my' gorgeous baby blue eyes! I was supposed to run errands (ie. buy presents) this morning, but I guess I got carried away snapping photos to blog.

Here's today's outfit:
Navy blue oversized knit cardigan from
'I Fancy the Lead Singer' tank from H&M
Black ripped shorts (that appear to be non existent) from Cotton On

Cross Earrings from Lovisa
Rings from M)phosis and Asmama

I did try another look before this (for fun), but I think I'll be slapped with insults and screamed at for being a bad role model to my kid cousies. I swear I really hate it when I want to do something, but can't because of all these complications. Dress up is fun.

This look is something I threw on for school. It's easy, it's comfy and it's me. I think the most important thing is to always dress to be yourself.

I don't know when I started to adopt the whole indie, grunge, rocker look, but since it started, it became something that was undeniably me. For me, this look is easier to pull off than any other look, like sweet dresses or gyaru styles.

To match the look, I chose to do cat eyes and top it off with pale pink gloss. Initially I did consider my red lipsticks, but they don't work with heavy cat eyes. EVER. But I'm the kind of girl who's either deep red or pale pink lips, so I don't actually mind the swop.

Somedays I think I don't fit in among the girls in Singapore, but then again, I don't exactly care. This is who I am, who I always will be.

xoxo pamela

Song Review: Shake It Off

My hands have been itching to write this post since I first heard this song...

With Secondhand Serenade being one of my all time favorite bands, my first instinct was to get my hands on this song ASAP, so I bought it off iTunes the instant I could... Only to be pleasantly surprised by Secondhand Serenade.

It seems like Secondhand Serenade has ditched their usual acoustic sounds (momentarily) and moved on to something more upbeat, more... pop.

It's not a bad thing. Shake It Off is a really refreshing song with upbeat yet relaxing beats that makes me start singing along to it the moment I started listening. I think Secondhand Serenade has really shown their growth in this song. Or perhaps their versatility in music.

Shake It Off was a really unexpected turn from Secondhand Serenade's usual songs, and it shows us a different side of the band. Plus it shows how versatile John Vesely's voice is (not that I didn't already believe in John's talents...)

That said, here's what I think of the song:
 I swear this rating is not my bias self speaking. (Not much anyway) I mean, I'd listen to Shake It Off on repeat even if I wasn't a HUGE fan of Secondhand Serenade.

Hey. They made me, picky music junkie, place Shake It Off on repeat, and made me sway and sing along to this song on a rainy day. I think that's a pretty feat. Don't you?

Besides, when you hear the reasons behind this change of pace in Vesely's music, I think you'd start to love this song more. I mean, that's what happened to me. Personally, I feel that music that reflects your current state of mind will always be the best music. So, it's great that Vesely's moving on to happier days. (That's what fans would want, right?)

Besides, what's not to love in this new single by a humble band?
There's no need to hope John... I LOVE it beyond words! (Half the time, attitude counts!)

This song is beyond amazing and on repeat infinitely... at least for now. (But I don't see myself getting bored of it anytime soon... In fact, I think I'm falling more in love with this song as I listen to it!)

PS. The last time such a phenomenon happened to me was when Maroon 5 released Payphone.

Anyway, enjoy the song, and remember to support it by downloading it on iTunes:

xoxo pamela

Reference: Alternative Addiction

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Since I got so into blogging about music and fashion, I decided I had to take fashion up by a notch. I used to read so many lifestyle blogs and I was so comfortable reading them that I didn't notice the ENTIRE community of fashion bloggers out in the world.

SO, when I finally set my foot down and decided lusting for designer brands every time fashion week comes around is not a good thing, I decided to pick out fashion blogs.

My personal favorite being LE HAPPY.

She has this really indie/rock chic/grunge look to her that's simply stunning. Not to mention her hair. (LUST!!!)

I didn't develop my own love for this look because of her, but I must admit, reading (or more of looking at pictures) in her blog really inspired me to take that extra step, so here's what I did last weekend...

LE HAPPY inspired look/self shots!

Of course, I couldn't do it as fabulously as her because:
#1: I don't have clothes that are as cool as hers. (But I still love my clothes! Colors are important!)
#2: I'm not her size. (I'm pretty big.. hehe.)
#3: I don't have great backgrounds or lightings to work with at home.

Anyway, here's the outfit rundown for those interested:
Baseball Jersey from California Disneyland Resort
ACDC Tank top from Forever 21
Ripped High Waist Denim Shorts from Forever 21
Suede Wedged Booties from Ninewest Outlet (USA)
Rings from Lovisa
Round Shades from
Kitty Beanie from (I can't remember the seller)

But you know, I think I had wayyyyy more fun after I did those shots, because while self shots are so preliminary (and I think I need a ring light), I have so much more skill and expertise at selfies. (Which also means you'll see a barrage of selfies throughout my posts this month.)

I was wearing shades because I was too lazy to put on eye makeup or foundation for that matter! (I only had my red lipstick on! #LazyTTM )
Definitely more my expertise huh. I know. LOL.
But man, I look badass. #Badass
The moody rocker posing for the camera. (Don't mock! I'm sure I give off that feeling!)

Whatever. Here's the same outfit that I switched with a blazer.
Blazer from Forever 21

Ugh! Why do I have small lips. I look pouty... Whatever. #foreverpouting
Have a great week my readers!

xoxo pamela

Monday, February 25, 2013

Music Review: Something You Whisper

A follower on twitter (@Marlizette) recommended this band to me. I seriously love it when blog readers start recommending bands to me. Especially so when I find myself liking the band they recommend.

That's what happened when I first listened to Something You Whisper.
My first impression of Something You Whisper was that they're a punk rock band, but I realized they have hard rock elements in their music as well, which is really cool.

To be honest, The Greatest Hiding Places was the song that pretty much determined their standard for me. Give it a listen!

I guess my first impression came from this song. Their lead vocals, Wes Will, has this really classic punk rock voice, that I guess made me theme the band as punk until I listened closer to Something You Whisper's music.

The Greatest Hiding Places is a great blend of vocals, melody and bass. I must admit, I do want to sing along to this song after giving it a few more listens. BUT, I did think the song ended kinda abruptly. Not that it's a bad thing, but I feel a bit short-changed because I got really into the song... and it ended. LOL. Nonetheless, I still love this one.

Some other songs by Something You Whisper here:

20/20 In The 3rd is the latest single released by the band. I felt that the song definitely defined the band's direction in music - ie. Hard Rock (do correct me if I'm wrong) - and I did feel that they've matured a little since The Greatest Hiding Places.

If you like Punk, stick to The Greatest Hiding Places, but if you want to hear more, I guess 20/20 In The 3rd is something you should check out. I must say I was a bit intimidated by the rough voice in some bits of the song, but otherwise, I think this song is pretty great!

(I did find an awkward part that I THINK could be improved, but I can't find it now. Wait. I got it. It's on 1:23. I like the semi-shout - semi cos it's not exactly a shout - in 'Am I good enough for you' but I felt the transition to the next verse is a bit awkward and kinda off.) Then again, this is a TIP.

That being said, here's what I think of Something You Whisper:

 I mean, I think Something You Whisper is pretty great, and I seriously think Wes Will has this really awesome quality to his voice that makes me want to listen to more of their songs. Plus they have really good blends when it comes to melody and bass (which is absolutely important and crucial in rock music).

BUT, I think that I can't seem to find a lot of recordings/good quality versions of their music on their YouTube channel, so I'm still a bit hesitant to give them a four... Maybe when they start releasing more songs this year...

Considering the fact that they're promising more things to come in 2013, I'll definitely be watching these boys.

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

February: The Rock Music Playlist

I always rave about rock, and since the end of February's coming, I've put together a rock music playlist for all of you to check out!

PS. It's not in any specific order!

(forgive my crappy picture. I did it in a bit of a rush...)

#1: Space Queen by The Mid-Summer Classic
 Remember this band I reviewed in January (See post here)? They're back with a new song and I think it's great! Space Queen gives a different vibe from what I heard in Delanie, and to be honest, Space Queen is more my speed. (What can I say? I love the harsher beats.)

I feel that The Mid-Summer Classic have definitely grown from We Had It All that speaks of similar beats as in Space Queen. Space Queen sounds so much more refined and professional (wait for it)... I love it!

Space Queen is something I can't stop playing, so it definitely qualifies for my Rock Music Playlist this month.

#2: In The End by Black Veil Brides
Firstly, this is Black Veil Brides. Secondly, I believe I've said all I needed to say about how much I love this song in my review of their album (see here). I play this every morning, night, and times in between. I just can't stop playing this song! It's like Black Veil Brides has drugged me and now I'm addicted.

This song is the bomb.

#3: Enemies by Shinedown
Now I feel like I haven't done Shinedown any justice. Since my overpowering love for rock music didn't start too long ago, I only discovered Shinedown this year, and I love them.

This song is good for some anger venting, head banging, rocking out, working out time. (Or perhaps more times that I've failed to mention.)

#4: Sex, Drugs and Violence by Green Day
 Once again, we're talking about Green Day here, so the fact that it's on my playlist is moot. Nonetheless, Sex, Drugs and Violence is such a great song to rock out to (and listen to on any day) with its fast tempo.

Besides, this has to be my favorite song out of Tre (their 3rd album in 2012). Don't ask me why. I just do.

#5: Porcelain Doll by Cartographer
I've loved Cartographer since I first heard their music. The best things about this band? They're crazy sweet to fans (like me) and they actually went down the 'Hard Rock' route as opposed to pop rock. I'm not saying pop rock is bad, but I think it's a daring move.

Porcelain Doll is the latest song by Cartographer and I seriously think that adding it on my blog would do it far more justice than a simple tweet to the band. While Porcelain Doll is a little more mellow than some of their other songs, I really love how they brought the energy of the song up in the chorus. But then again, this is my opinion. You have to hear it for yourself.

Tip: The chorus needs a bit more base in my opinion. The song's good. I'd love it more if it had more base to it cos the vocals are a bit hard on the ears without enough base. Then again, just an opinion! Keep up the good work!

#6: Die Trying by Art of Dying 
 Another band I only came to know of this year, but I seriously think Art of Dying has a lot  of potential in the music industry. These hard rock/metal beats are seriously sick!

Die Trying is a song I could relate to the moment I heard it, and I'm pretty sure most of you will feel the same way too. Especially if you've ever had something you wanted so much that you gave it your all to achieve it.

#7: Riot by Bullet For My Valentine
I'm gonna admit. I was never into metal until recently, so Bullet For My Valentine is another band I've come to know of. In fact, Riot is THE song that decided my fandom. I love their attitude in Riot!

I mean, the lyrics may not be the most motivational, but the guitar solo is pretty amazing and this song is definitely a pretty great song to rock out to with the steady beats that make me wanna bang my head to the music.

#8: Supremacy by Muse
This has been a song on repeat since Muse first released The 2nd Law! Need I say more?

Muse is probably one of the most distinct bands I've ever listened to with their eerily haunting melodies that leave you wanting more. I can't believe I used to think Muse was weird! They're eccentric, unique and madly talented! I wish I went to their concert in Singapore years back!

I do recall thinking this being a better song that Adele for the Bond movie that released last year... Oh well.

Personally, I really like the starting of the song. It really grabs your attention, and then the bridge to the guitar solo... It's AMAZING. Mad love this one.

#9: Since You're Gone by The Pretty Reckless
They haven't been releasing much, but I like singing to The Pretty Reckless. Coincidentally, Taylor's low vocals match my key, so this is definitely a song that I've been playing and listening to.

For those who haven't heard, it's pretty good. Great rock beats, female vocalist. Yes, FEMALE. I have no idea how Rock music managed to survive with the few female vocalists, but when I hear of one and she impresses me, you can see how that goes... Either way, LISTEN. Girls FTW!

#10: Carry On by Avenged Sevenfold
Here's the thing. When it comes to rock, one of my all time favorite hard rock/metal bands that I've loved for AGES is Avenged Sevenfold. They are so freaking awesome and talented that I don't give a fuck how old their songs are. Each one is crazy awesome as it is.

I crazy love this song they released for Call of Duty! I play it every time of the day. Even when I just wake up or when I'm going to sleep. It's so fucking awesome I think I can spend a post on this, but I'll just spare the non-metal listeners a post.

THIS SONG IS A MUST LISTEN. I don't care what you have to say about this.

BONUS: My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) by Fall Out Boy
Fall Out Boy is back in 2013!
This song is something I found myself singing to the moment I heard it.

Light em up up up~ Light em up up up~ I'm on Fire~

Just listen. It's Fall Out Boy. They're hardly ever back. Though I wouldn't exactly put this song in the punk rock music genre. Hell, just listen!

Alright. I hope you really digged the songs I chose for my February Rock Music Playlist. I'm sorry I may have chosen one too many metal pieces, but March will probably be all about pop and pop rock, so hang in there!

Anyway, why not give it a go, expose yourself to new genres of music and for all you know, you may like it!

xoxo pamela

Here's a PROPOSAL.
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ALSO, I'd love to hear what you think of my blog and what else you'd want to read/expect from it! I'm receiving comments and criticism with open arms!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Music Review: You End Me

I just realized it's been ages since I last did a music review... Some really great bands have been following me recently, and I just haven't had the time to review anything! It sucks being busy with schoolwork AND falling sick.

You End Me is one of the newer bands I've come to know of, and I'm seriously digging their music.

Their single Dead End boasts of punk rock beats that keep you wanting for more. Dead End sounds like a really professional song that will definitely have you singing along to it once you've had a few listens.

Another one of their videos that caught my eye (or ear) is their take on Justin Bieber's 'As Long As You Love Me'.

I felt that they gave the song a rock beat that is distinctly different from how Justin did his. In fact, I found this rock version more refreshing! Good job guys!

That being said, here's what I think of the band:
I seriously love the lead singer's voice and their style, but in my opinion, You End Me needs more songs to allow me to give them a better review. I mean, if every of their songs are going to be as stellar as As Long As You Love Me or Dead End, then I'd say we're going to have a new pop/punk rock band we're all going to love, but in the meantime, I'm withholding judgement.

Nonetheless, I do love You End Me's music and will definitely keep checking this band out for any new music! So don't give up on what you love to do guys, I'll always be hanging around scouting new music to fall in love with!

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Music Review: Artist Vs Poet

For today's music review, you may recognize the lead vocals from the band from somewhere else...

Actually, Artist Vs Poet has been following me for awhile on Twitter and I feel that it's only right to spread some love on this band I've come to love (especially since I was in complete support of Joe Kirkland when he was on The Voice).

The first thing you'll notice if you Google Artist Vs Poet would definitely be the three delicious guys currently in the band (I'm speaking from a fangirl's point of view). BUT, what you don't see, is the fact that this band has the talent to match their looks. (Meaning: It's not all about looks with them.)

When I first decided to check the band out, I was psyched. I was completely blown away by Joe's performances on The Voice that I had a certain level of expectations for them. Good part? They didn't disappoint.

Wait For You struck me as the perfect song to listen to on a nice day. It's one of those songs I'll want to play in my car (if I owned one) as I let my hair down. It's upbeat, yet really relaxing - something you'd definitely enjoy listening to when you're trying to calm yourself from a tiring day at work or school.

While it is unlike Gives You Hell, I'd say I love this side of Artist Vs Poet just as much. It shows a different quality in Joe's voice...

Anyway, here's a cover they did:

Yes, it is originally sung by Maroon 5, which makes this very hard for me.
Firstly, Maroon 5 is one of my favorite bands, EVER, and I can be a bit judgmental or harsh since I'm mostly married to the original. Plus the fact that it is one of their more recent songs, which brings the whole comparison thingie to another level.

I love Joe's voice (as usual), but I felt that the verses were a bit harsh. The harsh verses actually made it a bit hard for me to listen to the song, but I really like how Artist Vs Poet did the chorus. What I feel could have been done better would be Artist Vs Poet taking a more personal stand on the song? Because at the moment, the melody feels so much like the original that I don't feel that I get a glimpse of Artist Vs Poet because it's too much like Maroon 5's version. But then again, that's my take on it.

Anyway, here's what I think of Artist Vs Poet:
 I really love their original songs, but I do think they could do better and try to develop their own styles when they decide to cover any other songs by other artists. Nonetheless, I see the potential in Artist Vs Poet and I'd still check out (and most probably love) whatever new music they produce in future!

I actually did this post now because this is what's happening a week from now!
 That's right! On February 27, Artist Vs Poet will be opening for Secondhand Serenade (another great band I love) at the House of Blues in Anaheim, California!
I have no idea whey they didn't do it when I was traveling the West Coast, but for those of you who live nearby, you have no excuse! Secondhand Serenade and Artist Vs Poet are two amazing bands you have to listen to and trust me, it will do you good to listen to them live!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets now! (check the link below)


I would be there, without a doubt, if I actually lived in the US, but I'm currently trapped on my lovely island, a slave to my books. :(
PS. It's a lot of hot guys in one location, so you should DEFINITELY be there!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


It's such a pain when you're sick, have deadlines, but am dying to blog.
That pretty much sums up what's been going on in my life lately. I'm rushing for deadlines as I cough away with sore eyes (literally), leaving me with zero time to blog.

PS. you won't see any selfies of me recently because the doctor has banned me from contacts because of my eyes. :(

I hate it when I fall sick.
You know how people like to say, when you hardly ever fall sick, the moment you do, it's like the end of your world.
That's the sickening feeling I have whenever I cough. Whoever started that is such a jinx.

Anyway, this is a philosophical post. Not.
I don't do philosophical or flowery words, so here's just some thoughts I'm throwing out to the world.

I told daddy that I have a blog and I blog about music, movies, fashion and everything else under the sun. He told me that I need a direction for my blog to be popular. 
I do want more readership, so I gave some thought to what he said.

Then finally, I concluded. 
I'm still going to blog everything the way I have been doing before. Because, that's what defines me. 
I have an undying love for music and I seriously enjoy listening to new bands and finding all the great stuff I haven't heard. 
I adore fashion. It's something that's been in me since the day I was born. Heh. I still recall the time (when I was still a kid and) I refused to go for class because I felt I was dressed in something old fashioned (the vintage rage hadn't started back then). I still don't like dressing bad, but I dress for myself now.
I enjoy traveling, writing, and I love to watch a good movie from time to time. (Hold the time to time on the movie. I love movies.)
Everything is what makes me who I am. Every layer of me.

Since I left Korean pop in the dust, I realized that I started to leave dance along with it.
I still 'free-style' with my limited dancing abilities at home, but basically, I've lost a fair bit of interest in it. In fact, I think the only reason why dance is still around is because it still revolves around music, and my love for music is eternal.

It's like my focus has shifted. Now I'm hell bent on losing my weight (not that I can exercise in my current condition). And before anyone tells me that I need to stop obsessing with my weight, here's a fact. I'm 5 feet 2.5 inches and I weigh about a 141 pounds on a good day. 
It actually means I'm hovering between normal and overweight when I calculate my BMI. Which is NOT good. (I'm a US size 8/10 on most occasions).

I know I'm heavy, and the first step to helping yourself is to admitting you need to change. That's what I do. 

Plus I felt that I've been deceiving everyone with my photos because clearly, I don't have that sharp a face in reality. But hey. I'm not ugly. I think.

Judge me all you want. Chubby people like me still deserve to look good. Fashion isn't for the models who strut down the runways. It's about expressing who you are and how you're like through your clothes. (Which explains why I'm always buying leather, blazers and shorts)

Honestly, it boils down to how much you believe in yourself.
I know this is SOOOOO cliched, but it's true. I've struggled with self-confidence and dieting for AGES because I felt I was never good enough unless I'm skinny, and as you can see, none of the extreme diets worked.

There are times you're going to hate yourself for being stupid, fat, a glutton... There will be times others make you feel inferior to the rest of them (I've been told on occasions that I need to lose weight). There will come days you want to pull your hair out and scream because you can no longer stand yourself, that perhaps life would be better IF you were someone ELSE. I say this because that's what I've felt before.

You may not believe what I have to say, but building self-confidence is the first step of recovery. Not eating properly or trying methods to become what others want you to be. 

How I gained self-confidence? I grew a thicker skin. I started to take whatever criticism people gave me with a pinch of salt (unless you're critiquing my writing, then you're allowed to fire away), to start listening to what I want, to be my own person.

Trying to be someone else is tiring, but so many people try.
Being yourself is the most rewarding thing you can do for yourself, but it's always hard to find your own inner voice. (I'm not telling you about meditating cos I don't do that.)

Here's how I found myself:
1. I tune out the voices of everyone else and listened to what you truly wanted (ie. why my heart beats)
2. Reflect. It's helluva reflections. I went from here to there, back to the start and places totally off the grid.
3. Act according to what your heart wants. I'm making baby steps here. I'm still not where I want to be, but I'm definitely going to try.

I think you've heard enough. Here's a quote to end everything beautifully (It's something I'm still trying to live by):

Life is short, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your inner voice. You've got to follow your heart and intuition, and find what you love. IF you haven't found it yet, keep looking, and DON'T settle.  - Steve Jobs

xoxo pamela

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Labyrinth

 Hey everyone! I've scraped by previous story and wrote a new one. This is probably going to be the one I'm going to submit for my Fiction Assignment that's due next Monday! I really hope you can tell me what do you think of the story, and how I can improve it! Really appreciate the comments! Thank You!

Love You.
xoxo pamela


“Hear that?” she asked Alison.

“Hear what? There’s nothing to hear!” Alison cried out, desperate to pick up what that woman was hearing.

“Exactly. Silence is the sound of death. Do you know what comes after death my dear?” She asked again, this time, a sinister smile plastering Lilith’s scarred face.

“… No.” Alison replied, fear coursing through her veins as she eyed Lilith warily.

“Well, I can’t die, so I don’t know either…”

“Alison! Run!” Luc’s voice resonated through the room.

Taking the instant Lilith was distracted by Luc’s voice, Alison ran.

This room was no ordinary room. The room Lilith took Alison to had mirrors in every corner, each one reflecting different parts of one’s soul. This room had no windows, the walls bare with the sole exception of the peeling wallpapers, from lack of use – or to keep the dark energy from escaping, Alison didn’t know.

Escaping this room was no easy feat either. The room was carefully crafted, so much like a labyrinth, except for its lack of a fixed escape route. The door to the outside world shifted locations, never planting itself to one wall for too long. Unlike the rest of the Underworld, portals could not be used in this room, nor could you find any around.

One thing was certain, though. In this moment, every one of Alison’s senses screamed at her to run.

“You reek of fear Ali… It makes me hungry.” Lilith’s words a caress that sent shivers down Alison’s spine. Alison didn’t have to see Lilith to picture Lilith’s widening smile, her snake-like tongue licking her scaly lips as she sneered her words.


“Drake?” How did he get in?

“Behind you!”

Glad to have a companion, Alison turned instantly, finding herself facing Drake – or something that looked like him. The Drake before her had his auburn hair replaced with a pale blond that hurt to look at under the harsh lighting of the room. His clothes were disheveled, splattered with dirt and torn in some places.

Drake would never look this bad…

Wary, Alison kept her focus on him as she put a hand up, as if it could protect her from any attacks from ‘Drake’.

“Ali! It’s really me!”

“Ali! Run!” Luc’s voice resounded once more.

Deciding that finding her escape was more important, Ali turned away from ‘Drake’ and ran. She had to find that wall. She had to get out of this room alive. She had to stay alive to be with Luc this time round, and she wasn’t going to let anybody stop her from being with her love.


“Walls that wind to confine,
Door awaken, be free to move.
Portals banned, spells revoked.

Protect the trapped soul within these walls,
And may he be the master of all that belongs here.

A key within is one escape,
The only other would be me.”

As the dark-haired woman wove the final pieces of her spell, a sudden gale picked up in the stale room, blowing hair away from her face. The woman had her eyes closed, concentrating on perfecting this spell, oblivious to what was happening in the room – this spell had to be flawless; there was no room for mistakes. The woman chanted louder.

The burst of power in the room was undeniable as the wind blew apart all the furniture that had once made the room majestic. The windows in the room that once looked out to the woman’s beloved garden now morphed into looking glasses – mirrors – reflecting the ugliness that had come upon the room in the recent time.

Gone was the canopy bed of gold that took up most of the space, morphing to form walls together with the other fixtures in the room as the gale tore them apart.

As the tempest died down along with the woman’s mantra, the morphing stopped and the room took on its new structure. It was now bare, with the exception of the ripped wallpapers. Walls had twined around the woman as she constructed her spell, mirrors created to reflect the evil in whoever entered.

When the woman finally opened her eyes, she saw that her enchantment had worked.

“I swear Lilith’s blood will be on my hands.” She spoke with conviction, her heart set on avenging her lost friend.

As she stared into a mirror, she saw the sunken depths of her cheeks, the dark circles around her eyes, her lips set in a grim line. She’d looked like this since she lost one of her closest friends, Hunter.

I will rip her to shreds. I swear it.

Alison’s eyes widened as she awakened from her memory.

Recollections of her past lives often took a toll on her body, immobilizing her as they replayed themselves in her mind. When she felt wisps of her memory tugging at her, urging her to remember, Alison had stopped her running and slumped by a wall.

Now, she was re-energized. She had new motivation to escape – no, to destroy – Lilith.

“Hunter!” Alison exclaimed as she realized the blond boy she ran into before had been one of her closest confidantes throughout her immortality.

Being Drake’s twin, Hunter had the same features as Drake with their pale complexion, defined jawlines and moody-looking, emerald-green eyes that sparkled with mischief. The only way one could tell the other apart was through their hair, with Drake’s auburn hair being a strong contrast against Hunter’s platinum blond hair.

With her flashback, Alison recalled the curse Lilith had cast upon the room to bind Hunter’s soul within it. Alison remembered how she had tried weaving thousands of spells, hoping to bring back Hunter’s spirit. The enchantment she put onto the room had been done out of desperation, when she believed she would never be able to reverse the spell.

At the thought, Alison started to cry, tears wetting her face. Angry tears at Lilith for taking her beloved friend away from her, frustrated tears at her not being able to break the curse, and tears of longing, missing the times she once spent with Hunter.

“Don’t cry sweetheart.”

“Hunter.” Alison croaked, looking at Hunter through her tears.

“Your enchantment helped, you know. I can move within these rooms normally. I didn’t realize it until a few centuries ago. Perhaps I’m still the numbskull who needs you around.”

In spite of the situation, Alison laughed at Hunter’s ignorance. The boy had always been this way since she first saw him.

“If it helps, I didn’t know what the spell would do either.” Alison chuckled.

Hunter raised an eyebrow at Alison’s confession.

“So you thought it would do me good to turn my room into a maze?”

“I didn’t mean to do that…”

“I know sweetheart.”

“But now, you must run.” Hunter’s tone was now grave, a stark contrast against his previous tender voice.

Right on cue, Lilith appeared before them.

“There you are sweet Ali… And you found a friend I see…” Lilith sneered.

“Perhaps I shall trap you with him.”

The triumphant look on Lilith’s face said it all. Lilith was certain of Alison’s fate. She believed Alison would not survive her. The smug smile on Lilith’s face brought forward the hatred Alison felt towards Lilith.

A burning rage bubbled within Alison as the need to destroy Lilith consumed her, but Alison knew she was no match for Lilith in her current state. She had not gotten back recollections of her power and spells; the extent of her capabilities was a blob of uncertainty against Lilith’s practiced skills.

As of now, Alison’s best option was to escape this labyrinth of a room.

But… How?

A key would be one escape,
The other would be me.

The words of her own spell rang in Alison’s ears and in that instant, all was clear.

Alison could escape. She was her own key to leaving the room. The only thing between her and her escape now was her memories.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Music Review: What About Now

One of the bands I've loved for ages is Bon Jovi. I think nobody can disagree with me on this one. Bon Jovi is probably one of the best rock bands that ever walked the Earth (apart from the Rolling Stones and the Beatles), no questions asked.

So, when Bon Jovi released their latest single, What About Now, it became my number 1 priority to give it a listen.

Truth, it didn't really appeal to me the first time round. But, as I gave it a few more listens, I started to like it better. To some extent, I felt as if I transcended back into the old Bon jovi era with What About Now. This song is so distinctly Bon Jovi, there's no denying it. It's probably one of those songs you can NOT know, but tell that it's a Bon Jovi song the moment you hear it playing on the radio.

Suffice to say, I love Bon Jovi and love this song since it boasts of old Bon Jovi, and I could tell that Bon Jovi seems to be sticking to his roots and producing what he knows, instead of desperately trying to fit into the current music styles.

So anyway, here's what I think of What About Now:
It's a 3.5 (rounded up). I love this new song because it's so distinctly Bon Jovi, but I feel that I would have loved it if Bon Jovi tried to adopt a slightly more current music style. I wanted to see some growth and maturity in Bon Jovi's music through the course of time, but I feel that this song didn't do it for me.

Perhaps this is also because of the classics Bon Jovi has released that led to really high hopes for Bon Jovi's new single. I felt that it wasn't an instant connection with What About Now like those in It's My Life or Wanted Dead or Alive.

Still, this is a good song to listen to! Hope you guys will enjoy it!
(What am I talking about. This IS Bon Jovi. You're bound to love it. Duh.)

xoxo pamela