Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pre-Trip Update: Travel Must-Haves

I'm almost done packing and ready to go. Surprisingly, I'm not as excited as I expected myself to be. NOT that I'm not excited, I am, just I'm not bouncing around screaming to the world that I'm going to my dream city. The place I'd love to work, to live.... (Cue dreamy eyes)

Anyway, since I have some time on my hands, I've decided to share the 5 MUST-HAVES on a trip for any music-loving, diary-writing, wanderlust-filled girls out there:

1. A handy-dandy camera
Like duh right? You're on a trip, you'd probably want to take some pictures (or a lot for me). To this day and age, I still love my Olympus PEN even though every other hipster-esque human on this planet has converted to a DSLR. my Olympus PEN has 10 filters, compact(-ish) and is definitely lighter than a DSLR, so, more reason for me to stick to it than switching it up, no?

Look at what the PEN has taken with its filters:
Haunted Mansion in Disneyland Resort, Disneyland California 

Cars Land in Disneyland Resort, California Adventure Park

So you see why I still keep it around? It makes photos prettier...

2. The iPod
Okay. To be completely honest, I'm bringing an iPod Classic, iPod Touch (1st Gen), iPod Touch (5th Gen) and my iPhone, with over 4000 songs on most devices. What can I say? I'm a complete music lover. To save you all from a hideously long post, I'll be posting my USA trip 2014 music playlist up after the trip. Anyway, I'll only know what my holiday songs will be after the trip, won't I?

However, if you do happen to fly with Delta Airlines, their inflight entertainment is fab (at least based on the last time I flew), where passengers are able to compile their own playlists! PLUS, on the bright side, I've heard that Delta Airlines have included charging ports! So I guess my multiple iPods aren't that useful after all...

3. A cool pair of shades
The good thing about shades is that they protect your eyes from the harshness of the sun's rays...

... but that's not exactly why I bring my shades along. Heh. I'm a shades hoarder so it's impertinent that I bring at least one pair of shades to accompany me in photos. And really block out some of the sun's rays if it gets too glaring. LOL.

4. Fragrance and Makeup
Every sane person on the planet should do this. Even if you're traveling in winter. Body hygiene is THE most important and considerate thing everyone should partake in for the sake of all mankind. If you decide not to use fragrances, at least bring along deodorant.

Makeup wise, I tend to only bring the essentials, aka, foundation, eyeliner, lipgloss, lipsticks and my bronzer. Not a big fan of makeup removal after a long day out. #lazygirl

But I suppose makeup varies depending on where you intend to go and what you intend to do? Since I'll probably be stopping by Sephora in NYC, chances are, I'll be back with a buckload of makeup (like Urban Decay's Naked 3 Palette).

5. The super-secret diary
Did I mention diary-writing girl? Well, every diary-writing girl needs a diary. At least one who's not bringing her beloved and coveted macbook with her.

But honestly, I don't want to grow old and forget all the wonderful trips I've taken. I want to remember what I was thinking, how I felt... Everything. And while I love my blog, nothing beats taking the time out to pen down thoughts and feelings, looking back on the days I've had traveling.

On another note, I've decided to skip out on nail polish this time round (for the simple reason being I'm too lazy for it). I'll live.

xoxo pamela

Saturday, April 19, 2014


I know I've always complained about me being busy rushing to complete assignments and studying for tests that results in this blog being left to rot, but honestly, that's one of the main reasons why I'm not here as often as I should. The good thing is, I'm unofficially done with school, so I'm probably not going to use that excuse ever again. HEHE (don't worry, I'll be leaving the touchy feely thingie for another post).

On that note, while I'll always love fashion and music (and will probably still be caught writing about them), you'll probably catch me blogging more about my travels since my GRADUATION TRIPS are coming up! I'm BEYOND excited in case anyone's wondering. HEHE.

I'll be travelling to some new places, and revisiting somewhere I've been before, hopefully seeing the world through different eyes (and updating you all via instagram LOL). Now that I've taken an entire semester's worth of Cultural Intelligence classes, guess I'll have to put it to use starting next Thursday!

While I'm really going to spoil my sleep deprived self with a short nap now, I'm also thinking of topics to blog about in the coming days.

xoxo pamela