Saturday, April 19, 2014


I know I've always complained about me being busy rushing to complete assignments and studying for tests that results in this blog being left to rot, but honestly, that's one of the main reasons why I'm not here as often as I should. The good thing is, I'm unofficially done with school, so I'm probably not going to use that excuse ever again. HEHE (don't worry, I'll be leaving the touchy feely thingie for another post).

On that note, while I'll always love fashion and music (and will probably still be caught writing about them), you'll probably catch me blogging more about my travels since my GRADUATION TRIPS are coming up! I'm BEYOND excited in case anyone's wondering. HEHE.

I'll be travelling to some new places, and revisiting somewhere I've been before, hopefully seeing the world through different eyes (and updating you all via instagram LOL). Now that I've taken an entire semester's worth of Cultural Intelligence classes, guess I'll have to put it to use starting next Thursday!

While I'm really going to spoil my sleep deprived self with a short nap now, I'm also thinking of topics to blog about in the coming days.

xoxo pamela

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