Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The iPhone Diaries (Korea Trip 2013)

What better way to conclude a trip than to include some iPhone moments not caught on a digital/professional camera?

Warning: Many selfies ahead!

My boarding gate area. Which is coincidentally a floor below my internship company's office. 

 Finally on a Singapore Airlines flight again <3

 Christmas star-shaped donut from Paris Baguette
It had a yummy mango icing if I recall correctly…
My post-flight snack hehe

 At Gimpo Airport~

 Probably me at Jeju International Airport just after my flight… LOL

 Jeju breakfast sans abalone porridge! Did I mention how much I love eggs?
Well now you know. LOL.

 You've seen this. (If you read all my posts)
Seafood dinner in Jeju.

My crazy huge dinner at Daegu
Had to make my brother take the photo for me. I'm simply too short to capture everything :x 

 Post-skiing. My hair was BAD for the rest of the day. :(

 How my brother sleeps on the bus… Typical.

Winking Christmas bear from Paris Baguette! <3

Everything I could say about these photos have probably been said in my previous posts about my Korea Trip, and really, this is just a bank for all the photos that have made it to my iPhone that I decided to separate from the rest of the pictures. Just because.

I know it's been a whole series of posts on Korea for an 8 day trip, and I love you to bits if you read each one of them. I hope you enjoyed reading it cos I definitely enjoyed my trip. My spirit for adventure is still in me, and while I may be chained to the routines and obligations of life (school in particular) that prevents me from leaving the country, do stay on to read about the other facets of my life!


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