Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Next Adventure

Guessed it yet?

Yes, I will be spending a day or two in the land of fashion (in the USA) before heading down to Orlando, Florida where I will spend my time hopping from various theme parks and factory outlets in end April/early May.

It's practically my ideal graduation trip (with my parents, but beggars can't be choosers) where I get to continue my adventures in the States, see the holy land of fashion AND soak up some of the movie magic in Walt Disney World and Universal Studies. Albeit I'll only be there for 9 days, it's way more than what I could have asked for otherwise.

While I should really be getting down to doing my projects and assignments, I am so psyched about the trip that I'm now spending my days reading up about it. BUT, I know there's only so much I can read from travel books and sites, so I'm really eager for 'insider' information, tips and local haunts that I should really be exploring.

If you've been to NYC/am living in NYC and have an interesting tip/information/local haunt, do drop me an email at pamela.averylim@gmail.com, and I may just check them out when I'm there!

PS. I promise I'll include a shoutout for you (and the local haunt) when I write about this next adventure!

xoxo pamela

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