Friday, May 3, 2013

The Voice Season 4

I have one paper remaining for my finals and I'm done! Yay me!

There were so many times during finals week where I was itching to churn out a new post, review or look on the blog, but I really had to work on my finals. After all, I'm all for procrastination when it comes to schoolwork. BUT, I truly am sorry if any of you were upset that I wasn't posting this entire time!!

Back to the topic at hand. The Voice Season 4.

I'll be honest here. I'm an avid fan of The Voice and I never miss a single episode, so when I first heard that they were switching Cee Lo and Xtina for Shakira and Usher, I was a little upset. Until I watched the new season.

Shakira and Usher brought a new dynamic to the show and after a few episodes (or maybe after 1), I decided that I prefer the new judges to their previous counterparts. Banter gets more playful, the set is more energetic, there's less bitching around and Usher is BEYOND HOT. Come on, now I get to watch the show for TWO guys instead of one!

Ultimate Favorite Part of The Voice Season 4 (apart from Adam and Usher):
The way Usher trains his artistes. For us bedroom singers, The Voice gives us a little advice with regards to singing, but I seriously think Usher takes it to a whole new level. He teaches how to entice the audience, to convey the message of the song, to maintain enough energy for the performance...

There's just so much I can learn from how Usher coaches! There's more to him than his mad good looks (and voice) I'm telling you!

Favorite Contestants This Season (so far):
Sarah Simmons
Amber Carrington
The Swon Brothers

Alright, that's all I have for today.
More up this week.

xoxo pamela