Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Stories of Summer

I seriously can't believe summer's ending and I've been gone from this blog all summer!

For those who missed me, here's an overview. (That's kinda long, I gotta admit)

(Mocha @ Crowne Plaza Hotel - Made by YH)

Summer was hectic, busy, and sometimes boring. I learnt some stuff though. Some about work, some about the people around me, and mostly myself. Well, usually I wouldn't like to learn THAT much about myself, but I swear all those personality tests and horoscope shit has me reading more into how I behave and who I really am. Besides, it's always so amazing when you look and realize how much we change ever so constantly.

I'm not going to bore you with the whole peacock and influence stuff, but it's so amazing when tests manage to capture how you are.

(and I'm a peacock, so let me bask in my peacock-ness)

The bad thing about summer was work. I don't mean it in the typical 'I hate work.' mantra, but in the sense where I can't really have the freedom to decide what I want to wear to work. It's so hard to express individuality with office wear! I mean, I ended up doing it with dress-down Fridays and accessories, but still.

Of course, in summer you can never miss the movies. I mean, there was a period where I was obsessed with minions (don't say you weren't, cos you'd be lying), the days where you just spend out enjoying some good food without homework and projects nagging at you...

 And then there are the days where you spend some glorious days of summer (after internship) goofing around with friends you've known ages ago.

So, that's basically my summer in a nutshell.

Hope everyone's was just as great!

xoxo pamela