Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Australia Dairy Company (My Hong Kong Diaries)

With strong recommendations by numerous friends, the group of us decided to pay a trip to the Australia Dairy Company for a late lunch. To our surprise, the place was actually pretty packed even in the mid afternoon. I wonder how it's actually like during meal times.

With the set, you have a choice of macaroni or spaghetti


 Their famous milk puddings

My lunch at the Australia Dairy Company is hands down one of THE BEST meals I've had in my entire Hong Kong trip.

Only AFTER the trip did I realise that they are also famous for their scrambled egg with toast! But I really should have known. They had the best scrambled eggs and toast that I have EVER ingested. EVER. But in all honesty, the scrambled eggs are the best thing there.

One really interesting thing about the Australia Dairy Company is how quickly they serve the dishes. By quick, I mean, they're already serving the food as we were ordering. Talk about fast.

While some MAY perceive it as bad/rude service, I do think that their efficiency is something to applaud, and definitely a point that gives them a bit more character apart from all the other restaurants.

Overall, I would say you HAVE TO try the Australia Dairy Company if you ever end up in Hong Kong.

If you're visiting Hong Kong anytime soon, drop by the Australia Dairy Company at:

47 Parkes Street
Hong Kong
Nearest MTR: Jordan
Contact: +852 2730 1356

xoxo pamela

Monday, May 26, 2014

My Hong Kong Diaries: Avenue of Stars (Part 2)

 Personally, this is my favourite photo of the Hong Kong skyline.

Have I mentioned how much I disliked hated the cloud and fog in Hong Kong? Not that I have anything against cool weather, but they're not ideal for photos. Every photo in the daytime is a constant debate over flash or no flash because of that disgustingly glaring, white background the cloud and fog creates.

Thankfully, we now live in a world where photo editing is commonplace and easily accessible, and I can edit in peace. Which means blue/nicer-looking skies! Yay!

The night view of the Hong Kong City skyline, however, was indeed pretty blue on its own (and pretty darn beautiful), and made so much more stunning with the water reflecting the lights of the city.

I actually wonder if the lights were strategically placed to form such a beautiful stream of colors...

Anyway, at the end of our first day, the rest managed to find a supermarket where they could indulge and buy a bit of alcohol since the duty free shops weren't open when we landed in Hong Kong earlier that morning. This is just something I snapped while waiting for them to decide their choices of poison.

xoxo pamela

Saturday, May 24, 2014

My Hong Kong Diaries: Reaching there + The Peak

I know my US Trip came first, but I've barely even gotten the folders sorted, let alone selecting and editing photos (especially with the insane number of photos accumulated from the trip). So, I decided to blog about Hong Kong first.

On the Airport Express 

Breakfast in some restaurant opposite our hotel

I spent 4 days in Hong Kong with my family before I started university in 2011. This time, I'm ending my university years with a 4-day trip to Hong Kong with my friends. While I did revisit many of the places I've been to on my first trip, I daresay Hong Kong has changed a little in some ways, and the experience with the HRCC peeps make it a unique experience to be cherished.

That being said, we were all so sleepy we kinda started sleeping at The Peak. Definitely a first. But apart from that? I'd say Hong Kong looks the same from way up high.

PS. The sky was so cloudy and foggy and the background in almost every photo was WHITE before I started editing them. Gr. Hong Kong, why u make my life so difficult.

xoxo pamela