Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Australia Dairy Company (My Hong Kong Diaries)

With strong recommendations by numerous friends, the group of us decided to pay a trip to the Australia Dairy Company for a late lunch. To our surprise, the place was actually pretty packed even in the mid afternoon. I wonder how it's actually like during meal times.

With the set, you have a choice of macaroni or spaghetti


 Their famous milk puddings

My lunch at the Australia Dairy Company is hands down one of THE BEST meals I've had in my entire Hong Kong trip.

Only AFTER the trip did I realise that they are also famous for their scrambled egg with toast! But I really should have known. They had the best scrambled eggs and toast that I have EVER ingested. EVER. But in all honesty, the scrambled eggs are the best thing there.

One really interesting thing about the Australia Dairy Company is how quickly they serve the dishes. By quick, I mean, they're already serving the food as we were ordering. Talk about fast.

While some MAY perceive it as bad/rude service, I do think that their efficiency is something to applaud, and definitely a point that gives them a bit more character apart from all the other restaurants.

Overall, I would say you HAVE TO try the Australia Dairy Company if you ever end up in Hong Kong.

If you're visiting Hong Kong anytime soon, drop by the Australia Dairy Company at:

47 Parkes Street
Hong Kong
Nearest MTR: Jordan
Contact: +852 2730 1356

xoxo pamela

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