Monday, May 26, 2014

My Hong Kong Diaries: Avenue of Stars (Part 2)

 Personally, this is my favourite photo of the Hong Kong skyline.

Have I mentioned how much I disliked hated the cloud and fog in Hong Kong? Not that I have anything against cool weather, but they're not ideal for photos. Every photo in the daytime is a constant debate over flash or no flash because of that disgustingly glaring, white background the cloud and fog creates.

Thankfully, we now live in a world where photo editing is commonplace and easily accessible, and I can edit in peace. Which means blue/nicer-looking skies! Yay!

The night view of the Hong Kong City skyline, however, was indeed pretty blue on its own (and pretty darn beautiful), and made so much more stunning with the water reflecting the lights of the city.

I actually wonder if the lights were strategically placed to form such a beautiful stream of colors...

Anyway, at the end of our first day, the rest managed to find a supermarket where they could indulge and buy a bit of alcohol since the duty free shops weren't open when we landed in Hong Kong earlier that morning. This is just something I snapped while waiting for them to decide their choices of poison.

xoxo pamela

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