Friday, December 26, 2014

USA 2014: NYC All Over

Pictures: Assorted from the new World Trade Center, 9/11 Memorial, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State at night and wherever else we passed

The title of this post came about simply because I couldn't find a way to name all these pictures in a super cool title.

But at this point in time, I am entirely embarrassed at how I am still posting pictures of NYC in Spring when Fall has already arrived. Gosh, I'm late by 2 seasons... Oh well, better late than never right?

The good thing is, I'm now in a mad rush to resize and select all my pictures so I can post them right after I finish writing a pretty (or not so pretty) paragraph about how embarrassing it is to be posting pictures this late and how much I love NYC.

I wish I could be in NYC all the time... LOL.

xoxo pamela