Thursday, March 13, 2014

Korea 안녕히계세요~ (Read: An-nyeong-hi-kye-seh-yo, Translated: Goodbye) (Korea Trip 2013)

I know this says goodbye, but it's only my second last post. :x

 Porridge for breakfast! I actually loved it!
We had pumpkin, soya bean, mushroom abalone, kimchi and seaweed porridge to choose from <3
Personal favorites: Kimchi and mushroom abalone

 Sinchon Ladies Street that sells…. wait for it…
Everything girls would want. From fashion, to makeup etc.

 And pardon me for looking terrible. I didn't want to wear contacts cos I had a flight at night…

It finally snowed on the last day of our trip!
I was probably off somewhere doing the happy dance!

I watched Taemin (from Shinee) drink it in Hello Baby, and finally I get to drink my Banana Milk!
Plus the bottle is adorable 

On my Singapore Airlines flight back to Singapore…

Not much to say in this post. My pictures shall speak for me. and maybe I'm slightly lazy. LOL.

PS. sorry for the picture sizing… Some of my photos didn't resize themselves. Gr.


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