Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lunar New Years

I'm sorry for not posting often enough nowadays! Don't kill me?

I've always enjoyed my fair share of Chinese New Years (I'm Singaporean Chinese for those who have no clue!) but this year, it hardly even felt like the lunar new year because I FELL SICK! WTF.
Not to mention a fever on the first night of the new year! (fine I admit, I may have taken some goodies in spite of my sore throat and headache...)

Anyway, the difference is the lack of photos of me on the first day since I felt as if my head was splitting in two.

Day 1
I only did it for the first day, but if anyone's interested:
Brown studded leather jacket from Forever 21
Sequined tank top from Espirit
Woven belt from Forever 21
Navy shorts from Michael Kors
 I went without falsies that day, but I did use my fair share of make-up products.
BB Cream and Foundation from Holika Holika
Bronzer from Benefit
Bottom Crayon Eyeliner from Etude House
Top Liquid Eyeliner from Lancome
Eyeshadow (you can't see) from Victoria's Secret (X'mas edition I think...)
Falsies Mascara from Maybelline

Day 2
 Day 2's dressing included a 
leatherette top from Forever 21
Studded all over shorts from New Look
Statement necklace from a school bazaar
Same makeup method as Day 1 (but different colors in eyeshadows)

Evidently, I prefer my mom's side of the family (ie. see my cousies on Day 1), not that I mentioned it before.

Before the Lunar New Year, I was preparing for a barrage of rude questions and comments that range from 'You need to lose weight!' to 'How do you not have a boyfriend? You're old enough!' since it has long been a Singaporean tradition where the older generation have long had the autonomy to ask such awkward, rude questions.

Instead, I found myself with a barrage of compliments like:
'You're all grown up.', 'You're pretty.', 'You're so beautiful.', to others like 'Pamela's very photogenic' (from Grandaddy) and 'Pamela should try to be an actress! She'll earn a lot from endorsements then!' (from mommy's aunt to her).

I was a loss of how to react to compliments, but clearly happy about them. hehe.

Anyway, here's the Day 2 night pictures with my cousies. (PS, my face is BARE. as in no contacts or makeup whatsoever)

my scary, hipster brother (dressed up for this picture only! LOL.)

there are 15 days to the Lunar New Year, so...

xoxo pamela

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