Friday, February 1, 2013

Bring out the big ones. (Spring Fashion 2013 - Paris/Milan/NY)

I've given my take on what trends are coming for us this spring, but I've only covered New York's fashion week.

Paris and Milan are two other areas where fashion is prominent. So prominent that they're practically breeding grounds for fashion designers and the perfect shopping ground for us, fashion lovers.
As I  continue to see minimal accessorizing and monochrome coordinates strutted down the runways of Paris and Milan during the Spring 2013 Fashion Week, here's one other thing I've noticed. The jackets (I included some from NY Fashion Week too!).

Point I'm trying to drive here is, Big jackets and coats are staying this spring! Winter may be over, but our designers are still in favor of a beautiful coat or jacket this coming season. Being a hugely obsessive individual when it comes to outerwear, I am completely in love with the whole big, oversized jackets and coats that are coming to us this spring!

Now its time for all of us to step into our closets and dig up our big boyfriend/over -sized jackets and coats so we'd all be ready for spring!

PS. I know this is a really short post, but I promise I'm trying to keep up with all that I've missed this week!


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