Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Since I got so into blogging about music and fashion, I decided I had to take fashion up by a notch. I used to read so many lifestyle blogs and I was so comfortable reading them that I didn't notice the ENTIRE community of fashion bloggers out in the world.

SO, when I finally set my foot down and decided lusting for designer brands every time fashion week comes around is not a good thing, I decided to pick out fashion blogs.

My personal favorite being LE HAPPY.

She has this really indie/rock chic/grunge look to her that's simply stunning. Not to mention her hair. (LUST!!!)

I didn't develop my own love for this look because of her, but I must admit, reading (or more of looking at pictures) in her blog really inspired me to take that extra step, so here's what I did last weekend...

LE HAPPY inspired look/self shots!

Of course, I couldn't do it as fabulously as her because:
#1: I don't have clothes that are as cool as hers. (But I still love my clothes! Colors are important!)
#2: I'm not her size. (I'm pretty big.. hehe.)
#3: I don't have great backgrounds or lightings to work with at home.

Anyway, here's the outfit rundown for those interested:
Baseball Jersey from California Disneyland Resort
ACDC Tank top from Forever 21
Ripped High Waist Denim Shorts from Forever 21
Suede Wedged Booties from Ninewest Outlet (USA)
Rings from Lovisa
Round Shades from Asos.com
Kitty Beanie from Qoo10.sg (I can't remember the seller)

But you know, I think I had wayyyyy more fun after I did those shots, because while self shots are so preliminary (and I think I need a ring light), I have so much more skill and expertise at selfies. (Which also means you'll see a barrage of selfies throughout my posts this month.)

I was wearing shades because I was too lazy to put on eye makeup or foundation for that matter! (I only had my red lipstick on! #LazyTTM )
Definitely more my expertise huh. I know. LOL.
But man, I look badass. #Badass
The moody rocker posing for the camera. (Don't mock! I'm sure I give off that feeling!)

Whatever. Here's the same outfit that I switched with a blazer.
Blazer from Forever 21

Ugh! Why do I have small lips. I look pouty... Whatever. #foreverpouting
Have a great week my readers!

xoxo pamela

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