Thursday, February 21, 2013

Music Review: Artist Vs Poet

For today's music review, you may recognize the lead vocals from the band from somewhere else...

Actually, Artist Vs Poet has been following me for awhile on Twitter and I feel that it's only right to spread some love on this band I've come to love (especially since I was in complete support of Joe Kirkland when he was on The Voice).

The first thing you'll notice if you Google Artist Vs Poet would definitely be the three delicious guys currently in the band (I'm speaking from a fangirl's point of view). BUT, what you don't see, is the fact that this band has the talent to match their looks. (Meaning: It's not all about looks with them.)

When I first decided to check the band out, I was psyched. I was completely blown away by Joe's performances on The Voice that I had a certain level of expectations for them. Good part? They didn't disappoint.

Wait For You struck me as the perfect song to listen to on a nice day. It's one of those songs I'll want to play in my car (if I owned one) as I let my hair down. It's upbeat, yet really relaxing - something you'd definitely enjoy listening to when you're trying to calm yourself from a tiring day at work or school.

While it is unlike Gives You Hell, I'd say I love this side of Artist Vs Poet just as much. It shows a different quality in Joe's voice...

Anyway, here's a cover they did:

Yes, it is originally sung by Maroon 5, which makes this very hard for me.
Firstly, Maroon 5 is one of my favorite bands, EVER, and I can be a bit judgmental or harsh since I'm mostly married to the original. Plus the fact that it is one of their more recent songs, which brings the whole comparison thingie to another level.

I love Joe's voice (as usual), but I felt that the verses were a bit harsh. The harsh verses actually made it a bit hard for me to listen to the song, but I really like how Artist Vs Poet did the chorus. What I feel could have been done better would be Artist Vs Poet taking a more personal stand on the song? Because at the moment, the melody feels so much like the original that I don't feel that I get a glimpse of Artist Vs Poet because it's too much like Maroon 5's version. But then again, that's my take on it.

Anyway, here's what I think of Artist Vs Poet:
 I really love their original songs, but I do think they could do better and try to develop their own styles when they decide to cover any other songs by other artists. Nonetheless, I see the potential in Artist Vs Poet and I'd still check out (and most probably love) whatever new music they produce in future!

I actually did this post now because this is what's happening a week from now!
 That's right! On February 27, Artist Vs Poet will be opening for Secondhand Serenade (another great band I love) at the House of Blues in Anaheim, California!
I have no idea whey they didn't do it when I was traveling the West Coast, but for those of you who live nearby, you have no excuse! Secondhand Serenade and Artist Vs Poet are two amazing bands you have to listen to and trust me, it will do you good to listen to them live!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets now! (check the link below)


I would be there, without a doubt, if I actually lived in the US, but I'm currently trapped on my lovely island, a slave to my books. :(
PS. It's a lot of hot guys in one location, so you should DEFINITELY be there!

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