Sunday, February 17, 2013

Makeup Review: Lancome Liner Plume

I'm no make-up extraordinaire, but liquid liners are one of my best make-up companions since the day I started putting on make-up. Since then, I've tried my fair share of liquid liners and it includes the Lancome Liner Plume.

 Over the Lunar New Year, I decided to put Lancome Liner Plume out of exile and started using this again. (I haven't used it since the US trip.)

The thing I love in this liner is the black. It's a very dark black that definitely accentuates your eyes the moment you put it on. (Tip: Black will make your eyes harsher too, so watch the amount of it!)

The bad thing is, I'm a very impatient person. I like to do things quickly, so the soft brush of the liner (that guarantees it won't do much harm to the soft skin around your eyes) did not do it for me. AKA, I couldn't get a fast, straight line on my lid. Personally, I would prefer a sharper and slightly stiffer tip, but I would say this liner still does its job when I take care into doing my eyes!

How I feel about this liner:
I actually kinda love it! While its not going to be one I'll be using whenever I'm in a rush, I do love the black of the ink and it's not like it doesn't fulfill its purpose! Just remember to take care when you're drawing using this mascara!

xoxo pamela

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