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The Labyrinth

 Hey everyone! I've scraped by previous story and wrote a new one. This is probably going to be the one I'm going to submit for my Fiction Assignment that's due next Monday! I really hope you can tell me what do you think of the story, and how I can improve it! Really appreciate the comments! Thank You!

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“Hear that?” she asked Alison.

“Hear what? There’s nothing to hear!” Alison cried out, desperate to pick up what that woman was hearing.

“Exactly. Silence is the sound of death. Do you know what comes after death my dear?” She asked again, this time, a sinister smile plastering Lilith’s scarred face.

“… No.” Alison replied, fear coursing through her veins as she eyed Lilith warily.

“Well, I can’t die, so I don’t know either…”

“Alison! Run!” Luc’s voice resonated through the room.

Taking the instant Lilith was distracted by Luc’s voice, Alison ran.

This room was no ordinary room. The room Lilith took Alison to had mirrors in every corner, each one reflecting different parts of one’s soul. This room had no windows, the walls bare with the sole exception of the peeling wallpapers, from lack of use – or to keep the dark energy from escaping, Alison didn’t know.

Escaping this room was no easy feat either. The room was carefully crafted, so much like a labyrinth, except for its lack of a fixed escape route. The door to the outside world shifted locations, never planting itself to one wall for too long. Unlike the rest of the Underworld, portals could not be used in this room, nor could you find any around.

One thing was certain, though. In this moment, every one of Alison’s senses screamed at her to run.

“You reek of fear Ali… It makes me hungry.” Lilith’s words a caress that sent shivers down Alison’s spine. Alison didn’t have to see Lilith to picture Lilith’s widening smile, her snake-like tongue licking her scaly lips as she sneered her words.


“Drake?” How did he get in?

“Behind you!”

Glad to have a companion, Alison turned instantly, finding herself facing Drake – or something that looked like him. The Drake before her had his auburn hair replaced with a pale blond that hurt to look at under the harsh lighting of the room. His clothes were disheveled, splattered with dirt and torn in some places.

Drake would never look this bad…

Wary, Alison kept her focus on him as she put a hand up, as if it could protect her from any attacks from ‘Drake’.

“Ali! It’s really me!”

“Ali! Run!” Luc’s voice resounded once more.

Deciding that finding her escape was more important, Ali turned away from ‘Drake’ and ran. She had to find that wall. She had to get out of this room alive. She had to stay alive to be with Luc this time round, and she wasn’t going to let anybody stop her from being with her love.


“Walls that wind to confine,
Door awaken, be free to move.
Portals banned, spells revoked.

Protect the trapped soul within these walls,
And may he be the master of all that belongs here.

A key within is one escape,
The only other would be me.”

As the dark-haired woman wove the final pieces of her spell, a sudden gale picked up in the stale room, blowing hair away from her face. The woman had her eyes closed, concentrating on perfecting this spell, oblivious to what was happening in the room – this spell had to be flawless; there was no room for mistakes. The woman chanted louder.

The burst of power in the room was undeniable as the wind blew apart all the furniture that had once made the room majestic. The windows in the room that once looked out to the woman’s beloved garden now morphed into looking glasses – mirrors – reflecting the ugliness that had come upon the room in the recent time.

Gone was the canopy bed of gold that took up most of the space, morphing to form walls together with the other fixtures in the room as the gale tore them apart.

As the tempest died down along with the woman’s mantra, the morphing stopped and the room took on its new structure. It was now bare, with the exception of the ripped wallpapers. Walls had twined around the woman as she constructed her spell, mirrors created to reflect the evil in whoever entered.

When the woman finally opened her eyes, she saw that her enchantment had worked.

“I swear Lilith’s blood will be on my hands.” She spoke with conviction, her heart set on avenging her lost friend.

As she stared into a mirror, she saw the sunken depths of her cheeks, the dark circles around her eyes, her lips set in a grim line. She’d looked like this since she lost one of her closest friends, Hunter.

I will rip her to shreds. I swear it.

Alison’s eyes widened as she awakened from her memory.

Recollections of her past lives often took a toll on her body, immobilizing her as they replayed themselves in her mind. When she felt wisps of her memory tugging at her, urging her to remember, Alison had stopped her running and slumped by a wall.

Now, she was re-energized. She had new motivation to escape – no, to destroy – Lilith.

“Hunter!” Alison exclaimed as she realized the blond boy she ran into before had been one of her closest confidantes throughout her immortality.

Being Drake’s twin, Hunter had the same features as Drake with their pale complexion, defined jawlines and moody-looking, emerald-green eyes that sparkled with mischief. The only way one could tell the other apart was through their hair, with Drake’s auburn hair being a strong contrast against Hunter’s platinum blond hair.

With her flashback, Alison recalled the curse Lilith had cast upon the room to bind Hunter’s soul within it. Alison remembered how she had tried weaving thousands of spells, hoping to bring back Hunter’s spirit. The enchantment she put onto the room had been done out of desperation, when she believed she would never be able to reverse the spell.

At the thought, Alison started to cry, tears wetting her face. Angry tears at Lilith for taking her beloved friend away from her, frustrated tears at her not being able to break the curse, and tears of longing, missing the times she once spent with Hunter.

“Don’t cry sweetheart.”

“Hunter.” Alison croaked, looking at Hunter through her tears.

“Your enchantment helped, you know. I can move within these rooms normally. I didn’t realize it until a few centuries ago. Perhaps I’m still the numbskull who needs you around.”

In spite of the situation, Alison laughed at Hunter’s ignorance. The boy had always been this way since she first saw him.

“If it helps, I didn’t know what the spell would do either.” Alison chuckled.

Hunter raised an eyebrow at Alison’s confession.

“So you thought it would do me good to turn my room into a maze?”

“I didn’t mean to do that…”

“I know sweetheart.”

“But now, you must run.” Hunter’s tone was now grave, a stark contrast against his previous tender voice.

Right on cue, Lilith appeared before them.

“There you are sweet Ali… And you found a friend I see…” Lilith sneered.

“Perhaps I shall trap you with him.”

The triumphant look on Lilith’s face said it all. Lilith was certain of Alison’s fate. She believed Alison would not survive her. The smug smile on Lilith’s face brought forward the hatred Alison felt towards Lilith.

A burning rage bubbled within Alison as the need to destroy Lilith consumed her, but Alison knew she was no match for Lilith in her current state. She had not gotten back recollections of her power and spells; the extent of her capabilities was a blob of uncertainty against Lilith’s practiced skills.

As of now, Alison’s best option was to escape this labyrinth of a room.

But… How?

A key would be one escape,
The other would be me.

The words of her own spell rang in Alison’s ears and in that instant, all was clear.

Alison could escape. She was her own key to leaving the room. The only thing between her and her escape now was her memories.

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