Monday, February 18, 2013

Music Review: What About Now

One of the bands I've loved for ages is Bon Jovi. I think nobody can disagree with me on this one. Bon Jovi is probably one of the best rock bands that ever walked the Earth (apart from the Rolling Stones and the Beatles), no questions asked.

So, when Bon Jovi released their latest single, What About Now, it became my number 1 priority to give it a listen.

Truth, it didn't really appeal to me the first time round. But, as I gave it a few more listens, I started to like it better. To some extent, I felt as if I transcended back into the old Bon jovi era with What About Now. This song is so distinctly Bon Jovi, there's no denying it. It's probably one of those songs you can NOT know, but tell that it's a Bon Jovi song the moment you hear it playing on the radio.

Suffice to say, I love Bon Jovi and love this song since it boasts of old Bon Jovi, and I could tell that Bon Jovi seems to be sticking to his roots and producing what he knows, instead of desperately trying to fit into the current music styles.

So anyway, here's what I think of What About Now:
It's a 3.5 (rounded up). I love this new song because it's so distinctly Bon Jovi, but I feel that I would have loved it if Bon Jovi tried to adopt a slightly more current music style. I wanted to see some growth and maturity in Bon Jovi's music through the course of time, but I feel that this song didn't do it for me.

Perhaps this is also because of the classics Bon Jovi has released that led to really high hopes for Bon Jovi's new single. I felt that it wasn't an instant connection with What About Now like those in It's My Life or Wanted Dead or Alive.

Still, this is a good song to listen to! Hope you guys will enjoy it!
(What am I talking about. This IS Bon Jovi. You're bound to love it. Duh.)

xoxo pamela

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