Friday, February 15, 2013

Music Review: Mirrors

When I gave Mirrors a listen, I was a bit skeptical since I was hugely disappointed with Suit & Tie, but it wasn't as bad as Suit & Tie after listening to it.

Wasn't as bad meaning it's definitely better than Suit & Tie, but it still isn't something that's fantastic enough to be on repeat - or top the charts in my opinion. The beats are typical of Justin Timberlake, and once again, I feel as if I don't see any growth in Timberlake as a musician after his long hiatus.

What I didn't like most are the repeating beats and the fact that the song is heavily auto-tuned. I don't hate auto-tune, but I honestly think the song could have done a better with less of it. To have a great single is not to reuse beats or adopt methods everyone else are doing. It should be about showing a side of yourself through the song.

I honestly felt that I couldn't connect with this song, and I'd gladly tell you I'm not a huge fan of Mirrors. (Neither am I looking forward to Timberlake's new album.)

Honestly, the rest of the tracks on his album had better be good, because right now, I feel that I'm only getting a 3/20 experience from Timberlake's two singles Mirrors and Suit & Tie.

All being said, here's what I think of Timberlake's new single:

xoxo pamela

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