Thursday, February 28, 2013

NY Fall Fashion Week 2013

Finally! Recess Week is coming! Fashion weeks have come and gone and I've yet to churn out a single post on my favorite pieces! Here's a mini post to (hopefully) satisfy some of you darlings out there. I've only seen New York Fashion Week pictures, so please forgive my lack of depth in terms of style.

Preppy & Ready to Hit the Streets

The first thing that caught my eye are the extremely wearable pieces that dropped down on us during New York Fashion Week. Brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren and Vera Wang paraded their models with deliciously stunning preppy wear for this fall/winter that left me drooling by the time I was done.

Personal favorite? Ralph Lauren's designs (ie. The two on the far right).
Maybe it's because they feel so much like myself and what I would wear that they topped my favorites of Fashion Week, but Tommy Hilfiger (Three on the far left in plaid) holds a close second.

Of course, there were many others that caught my eye, but I only have that much space in a picture (and that much time on my hands).

Till next time.

xoxo pamela

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