Friday, March 1, 2013

Music Review: A New Tomorrow

What's a music junkie's greatest joy? More music. Duh.
Imagine my joy when I have more bands following me as time passes? I'm beyond happy.

Most of the bands I've reviewed are from the Americas, so I'm psyched that today's band is from London. The last time I've been in London was 8 years ago, but I think bands always bring different styles that excite me. Makes me want to visit the world musically actually.

I'm digressing. I should really be talking about A New Tomorrow.

To some extent, I feel that One Direction has become so big that they're probably one of the first bands you'll listen to that you forget the presence of rock bands in London itself.

I kinda liked 'What They Can't Steal From You' by A New Tomorrow. What sucks is that they don't have a full version of the song on youtube, so here's the closest snippet of the song off their channel:

You'll really have to check out their website for the full song.

On the other hand, they do have one song on youtube and it's called Brighter than the Sun! Do check this out!

I'll be honest here, here's where I think the band stands at the moment:
Before you stop caring about them, LISTEN.

A New Tomorrow isn't bad. They just haven't really blown me off my feet yet. I feel that What They Can't Steal From You, Love Utopia and Brighter than the Sun are songs that are kinda good, but not exactly there yet.

Ugh. Where's my vocabulary when I need it! I think the band is definitely going in the right direction with their music, but I just feel that I can't exactly connect with the songs just yet. It's like, I like the song, but I don't think it's fantastic.

To A New Tomorrow if you chance this page: I don't mind if you hate this review because I gave you a lousy rating. This is really my honest opinion of what I hear from you. Music can always be improved, bands always mature. I'm sure A New Tomorrow can be great, just now may not be the time yet. Please don't kill me for this, but keep reading my blog!

PS. Everyone is free to tweet me or email me if you think I'm wrong about the band.

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