Friday, March 15, 2013

Pieces of Fashion: Round Round Everywhere

Let's face it, I'm a student on a REALLY tight budget, and I'm currently lusting for 2 things in particular. Here's the first one.

From top to bottom:
ASOS Black Round Sunglasses (See here)
ASOS Round Sunglasses with Metal Bridge (See here)
ASOS Black Metal Round Sunglasses (See here)
ASOS Diamante Round Sunglasses (See here)

Yes, I'm talking about sunglasses.
I'm not going to lie, I've always had this thing for this piece of eyewear. Step into my room and you'd see a whole collection of spectacle frames (sans lenses) and sunglasses on display. (I'm not joking!)

It's not so much about me wearing them, pretending to be some Hollywood A-Lister, but its more of an additional fashion accessory that adds something extra to your look. Or your one-stop alternative when your eyes look like crap.

Besides, sunglasses are such a staple to a spring/summer wardrobe - or hell, any season - because every season has it's own, unique sunglasses trend. Believe me, sunglasses will always be très chic.

No worries, I'm not going to give you the whole lecture on matching your glasses to your face shape. Sometimes, you just know. (The inner shopperholic speaking)

xoxo pamela

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