Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pop Music Playlist: March 2013

Yes, I'm on it, I'm on it!

I've been all fashion lately and I'm seriously lagging in the music department, I KNOW. so here's my playlist for the month of March.

Mini disclaimer: All songs here will be taken from genres ranging from pop/pop rock/pop country. As long as I smell a hint of pop, they're thrown into this playlist!

#1: Shake it Off by Secondhand Serenade
The fact that I bought this song the instant I could and how this is a successful change in music approach from Secondhand Serenade, I'd say that this song would DEFINITELY be on the list. It was practically a prerequisite as I was thinking of what to include on this list!

#2: This Isn't Love by The Royal
A relatively new band, and I've actually reviewed them twice (and own all their singles). Give this song a listen, it had me singing along to it on the first listen. Yes, it's THAT addictive.

#3: Boomerang by The Summer Set
I LOVE THIS SONG. I really have no idea what you expect me to say. For a band that's about to release their first album soon, I gotta say this song has got me beyond excited. It's a song I listen to almost everyday, it's a song I can't stop singing along to... I see the potential. No kidding.

#4: Heart Attack by Demi Lovato
This song has not only got my attention, it's gotten the attention of EVERYONE who's interested in Demi's music. Demi may not be the best judge, but she's definitely got one of the best vocals of the people in our generation. *wallowing in envy*

#5: Gorilla by Bruno Mars
Strangely enough, this is the only song that caught my attention from Bruno Mars' latest album, Unorthodox Jukebox. This song feels completely like a Bruno Mars song, and I love singing along to Bruno Mars' songs, so... No surprise why it's here.

#6: My Signature Move by P!nk
P!nk is one of my favorite singers EVER, and just so happens to be one of the few voices I can sing along to at my key. I've always adored how P!nk's lyrics are always so real and they really seem to show a piece of her in every song. She doesn't sugarcoat romance and doesn't show you the pretty sides of life. She gives reality. and that's probably why I love P!nk's music.

#7: Hummingbird Heartbeat by Katy Perry
Spring's here and really, there's no doubt one great song can lift your mood. Granted, this isn't new, but it's such a great song to listen to when you're out enjoying the good weather and falling in love with everything and anything simply because it's spring.

#8: Wings by Little Mix
The first group to win on The X Factor UK, and I'm telling you, these girls didn't win the competition based on their looks. Wings is one of my favorite Little Mix songs because the song really talks about spreading your wings and going for what you believe in. For a song? I'd say these four girls are living models of what you can accomplish when you spread those wings.

#9: Red by Taylor Swift
Strangely enough, it wasn't I Knew You Were Trouble or State of Grace that got to me when she first released Red (the album), but it was really this song. Sure, it talks about still loving someone, but how she uses colors to describe her feelings at the different stages... Not many of us would consider that.. Well, maybe with the exception of artists.

#10: Go To Hell by Go Radio
I confess. This is the first song I've listened from Go Radio and I happened to chance upon it when I saw The Summer Set share it when I opened youtube (to find the links for this blog). When I clicked it, I had the gnawing instinct that this song was going on my playlist, and I guess my instincts proved me right. The gruffness in the lead singer's voice and the song, it's so easy to sing along to Go To Hell. Hell, you don't even need me to tell you which 3 words are the easiest to sing along to.

Hoped you liked the playlist!
Happy Easter!

xoxo pamela

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