Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Smart Leather

Today's Outfit:
Black Blazer with Leather Sleeves from Forever 21 (see similar here)
Monochrome Color Block Chiffon Blouse from Forever 21 (see similar here)
Retro Round Sunglasses from ASOS (see similar here)
Electric Blue Bandage Skirt from H&M (see similar here)
Shaggy Deer iPad Case from Stella McCartney (see here)
Assorted Rings from Lovisa
Bandage Wedges from Guess

Two of my favorite things in fashion have got to be blazers and leather. When those two come together... I know I HAVE TO have that fashion piece, and that's exactly what happened here. I'm on a student's budget, and yet.. I had to have this blazer the instant I set my eyes on it.

Instead of my usual grunge style, I realized that the leather gave this blazer and edge, but ultimately, it is still a blazer. Which means it's kind of classy.

So, the best way to put this outfit together would have been to adopt the monochrome trend that's all the rage this Spring. If you noticed the electric blue bandage skirt... Well, I just think the outfit needed something else to make it stand out. Which the skirt totally did by the way.

A touch of color from the skirt and my rings gave this outfit more dimensions, which is really great because it doesn't make me come off as too gloomy or seem as if I'm attempting to blend in.

ALSO, I really decided to go with the jacket trend (on the runway AND in fashion week street fashion) where everyone simply throws on their jackets without actually wearing them. Admittedly, it was hard to go about setting my timer when I had so little space to move my arms in, but I think it adds this really chic, sophisticated look to the entire outfit as opposed to wearing the blazer as per usual.

More pictures:

Hope you liked this look!
PS. forgive me for the different picture widths. I resized my pictures wrongly! T^T

xoxo pamela

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