Monday, March 4, 2013

Tutorial: The Sock Bun

My first tutorial! I know that Instagram has lots of pictures on this (and the web), but anyway, I'm going to leave my version of the tutorial up here on my blog.

I decided to do this tutorial because I see a lot of scrunchies out there in accessory shops going at SGD$5, and it's really a rip-off if you can use the things you already have in the comfort of your own home. Why spend the money when you don't really need it? (This does NOT apply to me buying new clothes. HAHAHA)

PS. Excuse my shades and looks. It was another lazy day. Oh, and my camera was having a PMS day.

First off! What you will need:
I like to use my knee-length/thigh highs for this bun because it really adds A LOT of volume to my hair, and I love those really big buns. Longer/thicker socks will really give your hair the volume it needs to get the big bun look.

Also, I suggest picking a sock color that's relatively close to that of your hair's, so it won't be too obvious if it shows.

After step 3, your hair should look something like this:

As you can see, the sock already adds extra height to the ponytail. If you don't like the height/width of your sock around your ponytail, change it because this is THE thing that gives your bun the structure it needs.

Ok. I know I didn't show you what I did in Step 5, but basically, I coated the entire sock with my hair by spreading my hair around the sock. The main thing you have to note is that there are no openings to show your sock underneath!

Then clip it or shove it in the rubber band, whichever works for you! Personally, I like to use the clip.

I like my hair a bit messy, so I tend to let a few loose ends around the bun as well.

My outfit for the tutorial:
Bart Simpson Denim Outerwear from BUTTEREDGUN
Round Sunglasses from ASOS
Spaghetti Strap from Forever 21

Hope all of you enjoyed this tutorial! I really love this bun because it really adds to the whole indie, grunge, rock-chic look I always wear!

Till next time.

xoxo pamela

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  1. Instead of using a sock you should try a hair donut! has hair donuts in different colors to match your hair and different sizes so you can get the perfect bun!