Saturday, March 23, 2013


Let's be honest here. Who has NEVER idolized a single person or celeb in your lifetime?

Since I've been growing up, I've idolized people like Jolin Tsai, BoA, Barbie (Yes, I mean the doll), Christina Aguilera, Jonas Brothers (don't ask), Adam Levine... The list hardly ends there.

Sometimes adults tell us we're wasting our time, it's useless looking up to and dreaming of these people who you will never meet. I don't disagree that I will probably never see Adam Levine, but I don't think it's wrong to look up to someone.

Granted, the person we're looking up to may not be the most decent people walking on this earth or fronting some really righteous movement, but most of these people we look up to are the ones on this earth who actually braved the haters, negative responses, paparazzi or even never-ending low-pay contracts just to live their dream. These are the people who gave it their all to reach where they are today.

Don't you think someone who's say... tone death, but won many Grammys and has undoubtedly been known for her magnificent voice deserve the right to be idolized? Or perhaps the girl with two left feet who is now known as the Dancing Queen in Chinese music?

So many of us, me included, are stuck in our world where we have dreams we want to live but don't do so because we're so afraid of the unknown. Who choose jobs we merely like because its safer than going for our dreams.

Compared to these 'idols', don't you think we have a right to look up to some of them for them betting in the unknown and living out their dreams?

Personally, idols are not necessarily someone we worship to, but more of someone we adore, respect, look up to and love because of who they are (on screen at least), what they've done to get to where they are today, and their talents.

So the next time someone criticizes you for idolizing someone (even if its Justin Bieber or One Direction)... Well, they just don't know the whole picture.

xoxo pamela

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