Sunday, March 3, 2013

Milan Fashion Week - Fall 2013: Versace Vunk

After watching a documentary on Versace days before Milan Fashion Week, I started paying more attention to Versace's Fall 2013 designs this time round.

For the upcoming fall, Versace has defined their collection to be 'Vunk', which also translates to Versace + Punk. I must say, I do love Versace's version of punk. I'd wear almost the ENTIRE line from next season if I could actually afford it.

Not to mention, next season's looks from Versace scream Donatella Versace's charisma together with Versace's distinct style they've built over the years. Seems like next season's designs are as spunky as Donatella Versace herself. I'm completely in love with it.

Less talk! Here are some of the designs I've fallen in love with as I looked through Versace's upcoming fall collection:

Who knew plaid could be so versatile? I definitely didn't think of plaid as much until this collection. (Unless you're talking about plaid in the grunge/indie/rocker chic sense)

Versace's fall collection are full of punk, yet completely classy and chic.

You know, I daresay Versace is my favorite brand with regards to collections this fall. Then again, this IS Versace we're talking about.

xoxo pamela

Reference: Vogue

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