Saturday, March 2, 2013

Oz The Great and Powerful

I'm a movie fanatic. I love watching movies, and since this week is Recess Week, there is ONE movie that I've been dying to watch since I first saw the trailer:

I've always loved the Spiderman Trilogy (although it veered away from the original) and I got really psyched when I heard that Sam Raimi (Director of the Spiderman Trilogy) directed Oz The Great and Powerful as well!

The best reason I can have for wanting to watch this is probably because it's by Disney. Yes, I'm doing the Disney talk again. Disney has been the producer of a lot of my favorite films that have accompanied me throughout the years. From Jungle Book, to The Little Mermaid, to The Lion King and more recently, Wreck-It Ralph, Disney has never disappointed me when it comes to the movie department.

I'm a Disney girl. What more reason do I need to watch this movie?!

In fact, I'm so inspired by Oz The Great and Powerful that I did a (mini) outfit post to suit this movie! (as you can see from the start of the post)

The Oscar Diggs Outfit:
Mini Briefcase from Dionne (Birthday Gift, so I have no clue where to get it!)
Long Blazer from Forever 21
Spaghetti Strap from Forever 21
Black Polka-Dot Bowtie from Forever 21
Round Sunglasses from ASOS

The quirky dressing in the movie really prompted me to give a twist on my own version of Oz The Great and Poweful. Since I've never really been a girly girl, I decided to take on the role of Oscar Digs (the female version), completing the look with a bowtie and briefcase.

I couldn't find a top hat at home when I was shooting, so I tried out the 'sock' bun to give my head a boost in place of Oscar Diggs' (Wizard of Oz) hat. 

PLUS, I really noticed how Oscar Diggs helped this brave doll (called China Doll) and she started following him around, so I used my Joker Teddy to substitute to China Doll! I think my Teddy adds a bit of an eerie-feel and more of the movie into my outfit! Hm. Seems like Teddy's a good fashion accessory...

Aww. I love you Teddy. You're not just a prop.

As for how much I want to watch this movie:

It's off the charts!
With its Alice in Wonderland-like graphics and snippets of action scenes, the trailer already did a great job of trapping me in the version of Oz they created, and I can't wait to immerse myself in Oz and Oscar Diggs' journey once the movie hits theaters!

If you're living on a little red dot like I am, Oz The Great and Powerful will be in cinemas 7 MARCH. Mark the date on your calender NOW! This movie is a MUST-WATCH.

Remember to check out Oz The Great and Powerful's official pages in Singapore here:
Official Facebook Page:
Official YouTube Channel:
Official Twitter Account:

In the meantime, I'm flying in my balloon to Oz.
xoxo pamela

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