Friday, March 29, 2013

Cross Me Out

I just got my macbook back and I'm beyond happy~ YAY!

Plus there's the thing where I'm feeling so guilty for not posting any outfit posts in the past week because of my hectic schedule. So, I rushed this post and made sure everyone can read it this Easter weekend. Or see the pictures... Whichever works.

For the sake of clarification, none of the photos are photoshopped and all are taken on my iPhone 4s. Well, let's just say I never expected this outfit to turn out so perfectly that I simply HAD TO post this up. (and coerce my brother into taking the pictures for me as I rushed out of the house...)

Before you criticize the lack of coordination of the widths in my pictures below, I'm going to say that I've tried SO MANYYYYYY ways to get all of them to the same width but none seems to be working. Guess I'm still on the drawing board with this one. Help? LOL.

'I Fancy the Lead Singer' Tee from H&M
Shorts (that you can't see) from Forever 21
Studded Military Jacket from Forever 21 (similar here)
Gothic Cross Suspender Tights from ASOS (see here)
Velvet Ankle Boots from NineWest
Studs Allover Bucket Bag from ButteredGun
Bowler hat from H&M
Assorted Rings from Lovisa

What I really liked about this outfit was how the black really brought out the essence of the entire look, giving it this really rock, indie look that actually looks a bit dressy and chic (compared to what the rest of the people in Singapore wear. Well, most of them.).

I'm not going to lie, I did want to show off my new tights and bowler hat too. Mad love those two new accessories that I've added to my wardrobe.

I probably don't look too bad, but clearly, not every picture is perfect...

Trust me, that's the mildest of my eccentricities and probably one of the few you'll ever see.


xoxo pamela

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