Friday, March 22, 2013

Le MACBOOK is down

Upset much? Well, yes, I'm completely, utterly upset at the fact that le macbook is down and I now have to suffer on my desktop for the next few days. (Which probably includes the weekend and 3-4 business days)

C'est la vie. Well, FML.

My laptop has become my ultimate companion in my solitude and any time in between, and to be honest, I'm not used to not having it around. Oh well, guess you'll have to do my poor, neglected desktop.

Will definitely be trying my hardest to do as many music reviews as I can this weekend, since I don't think any outfit posts will come because of my lack of time to dedicate to outfit posts, and the absence of photoshop. So, please bear with my posts for now. Until le macbook is back.

Still, not much has changed, I will be announcing the winners to my (relatively failed) giveaway soon, and now I have to get back to the books after blowing an afternoon on playing with dough and designing bread. (and yes, shopping as I sent my macbook off. I'll tell you more about what I got soon. I hope.)

xoxo pamela

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