Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tutorial: The Muscle Tank

Yes, yes. I'm feeling guilty about my crappy posts and lack of fashion presence recently. SO, I did this tutorial (although I'm pretty sure you can find it all over the web) to make myself feel better. (and to keep this space alive)

Muscle tanks are clearly making a comeback this S/S in the world of street-style, and a basic tank can cost you SGD$27-30+ if you decide to drop into Forever 21 to keep your wardrobe up-to-date. Personally, I love how the muscle tank works perfectly in Singapore where the heat never fades, and since there's a cheaper way to do it... Why not share?

Things you need to get your muscle tank are basically a marker (optional), an old BAGGY tee (preferably men's-cut because it's so much more fitting) and your trusty ol' scissors. Now you're ready to begin!

Usually I skip this step and simply CUT, but for the sake of first timers and this tutorial, I'm recommending you dot in where you want to cut (to prevent any imminent disaster). I like a larger arm opening, so I opted to cut away the sleeves to approximately the middle of the tee. It's really up to you how you want to do it though.

PS. yes, that's a Linkin Park tee I got when I bought the album. Guess I have a reason to wear it out now!

This step is basically cutting the tee. Don't worry too much about how straight it is. JUST CUT IT. It gives a really grunge vibe when you leave it somewhat messy, but do try to keep the shape of the tank there!

For the neckline, I like to cut it slightly beyond the original neckline, and I keep this even for the back. So, what I usually do is cut the sides, then the entire neckline, instead of both sides at a go (like I usually do for the sides)

Some tips AFTER Step 2:
Pull on the areas you've cut to get the ends to roll in. It gives the tank a more finished look and makes it totally grunge. (that's why you don't need to worry too much about the edges!)

And you're done!
Seriously, cutting up tees is my favorite thing to do when I'm feeling stressed. (Apart from snacking and blogging) What can I say, it's therapeutic for my soul!

Muscle Tank (self-created)
Ripped Denim Shorts (self-created from long shorts)
Round Sunglasses from H&M
Electric Blue Beanie from Qoo10.sg
Combat Boots from Shanghai

Have a great week my dears!

xoxo pamela

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