Saturday, March 16, 2013

Grunge It Is

Flannel Blouse from Forever 21 (see here)
Leopard Print Cardigan from Forever 21 (see similar here)
'Made In USA' Tee from Forever 21 (see here)
Faux Leather Shorts from Forever 21 (see similar here)
Silver Chain Earrings from Forever 21 (see similar here)
Ripped Look Tights from ASOS (see here)
ALLEY Leather Flatform Chelsea Ankle Boots from ASOS (see here)
Round Sunglasses from ASOS (see similar here)
Assorted hand acccessories from The Editor's Market, ASOS, M)Phosis
Cat Ear Beanie from Qoo10

Well, I did promise an actual outfit post on this look after my movie day, and here it is!

The idea of outfit was really to match different patterns together to get this really grunge look. I THINK I succeeded in that sense, because by some stroke of luck, the cardigan really matched the flannel blouse!

I didn't want to go for those oversized 'boyfriend' sized flannel blouses, so instead, I got the real thing. A flannel blouse from the men's section in Forever 21. It works in the exact same way, so... it's really up to you.

As for the boots, it would be good to get a slightly larger size, OR to wear socks in them I guess. Because they seriously hurt like a bitch when I wore them to school. I ended up taking a cab home and walking barefooted back to my flat. YES, barefooted except for my tights.

Well, while I tend to new blisters, hope you enjoyed this look!

xoxo pamela

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