Sunday, March 10, 2013

Movie Day

 my badass face vs the rabbit.

Spent a day out with D on Thursday to catch Oz The Great and Powerful, and I did manage to snap some pictures of my outfit while we were out.

BAD THING: I hated my pink tights. It made the the grunge look a little too bright for my liking.

GOOD THING: I will do the actual outfit post (sans pink tights) on another day, so do wait up for it. Plus the fact that I really love my red lipstick.

Oh, I do want to tell you about the really great movie experience I got from Shaw Theaters - LIDO, but I'll leave that for a day where I can actually post without worrying about immediate deadlines!
In the meantime, I really have to go study for my test.

I'll try to do more outfit posts this week. If time allows.

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. They all make an almost-dead me.

xoxo pamela

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