Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ombréd purple

So you see, recently, I headed to town to grab a gift for a friend.
BUT, thanks to my fashion roots and attentive eyes, I ended buying a whole loot of stuff. (FINE, it wasn't THAT many...)

In my defence, the top in my outfit today was a necessary buy because I had to finish my TopShop gift card by 1 March, and that was pretty much the only thing I really wanted - Plus, it was on sale.

Outfit: Ombré Cut-out Shoulder Sweater from TopShop, Black Framed Shades from Forever 21, Gray Suede Ankle Boots from Nine West (Outlet), Gold Lined Leggings from Wasabees, Kitty Beanie from

At first I was wondering if I should use shorts instead of leggings, but the leggings match this look PERFECTLY.

I was feeling lazy, so I used the shades to cover my face instead of spending time to do my makeup. I fell in love with the ombré top the instant I saw it on the rack in TopShop, but sadly, it didn't come in my size.

After much deliberation, I concluded that the bigger size would give me a sloppy, baggy, grunge look that's really easy to wear on lazy days. The best thing about it is probably the fact that I can eat anything I want in that outfit and not worry about my increasing tummy size showing. 

Also, this oversized sweater instantly gives me the rights to wear leggings with it (instead of topping with a skirt or shorts) because it acts as a bit of a micro-mini dress.

In conclusion, I really love this look and will definitely be doing this look again!

Hoped you like this look as much as I did!

xoxo pamela

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