Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Casual and Badged

I did this look in a rush. Didn't take a full body picture because I couldn't get great lighting for it, but I suffered in my red mary-jane wedges I got from Forever 21. I still love those wedges, just... I'm forgoing the straps the next time I wear them out. I suffered the repercussions of new shoes, but I think it's worth it to look good. (I'm crazy, I know.)

The Day's Outfit:
Denim Badged Outerwear from OhSoFickle
Plain Black Tank from H&M
Silver Cross Earrings from Lovisa
Black Retro Square-Framed Sunglasses from Forever 21
Black Multi-Chain Cross Necklace from Shanghai

The idea was to piece together a simple outfit to wear to school. (Because I only had a 45-minute meeting in school on that day)

Instead, I found myself wearing a really grunge, indie, rock-chic look that I found myself falling in love with almost instantly. The best thing is, this look is really simple, and can be re-worn whenever I'm feeling lazy.

#Tip: I think it's great if you could invest in an outerwear/jacket you're pretty sure you can stand wearing on most days. Trust me, it makes dressing up a whole lot easier.

Alright! Some miscellaneous pictures (selfies) from a previous shoot:

Believe me, there's more where these selfies come from. This won't be the last time you'll see selfies from this set of photos. HEHE.

In the meantime, hope you liked the outfit today!

xoxo pamela

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