Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pieces of Fashion: Funky Bling

From Left to Right:
Nasty beanie hat by Funky Bling (See here)
Hero bandana by Funky Bling (See here)
Crosses beanie hat by Funky Bling (See here)

Every grunge/rock chic girl needs one thing: Headgear.

Beanies have become such a staple to so many of my looks that I can't help veering my eyes towards really pretty headwear. When I first saw these from Funky Bling via ASOS, I was salivating. But my sanity was telling me that I really could not afford to get them at the prices they're going for so... Salivating it shall be.

Choosing the right kind of hat is really a pain in the ass at times because not every kind of hat fits your face, and sometimes, you just can't seem to find something you want at the right price. Believe me, I'm in the midst of convincing myself that I don't actually need the floppy hat.

Well, just a tip in for today! Have a great day sweethearts!

xoxo pamela

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