Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pieces of Fashion: Thigh High

Another obsession of mine: Tights.

From Left to Right:
House Of Holland For Pretty Polly Super Suspender - available on ASOS (see here)
ASOS Cat Suspender Tights (see here)
ASOS Sheer Cross All Over Tights (see here)
ASOS Gothic Cross Suspender Tights (see here)
ASOS Ripped Look Tights (see here)

To be specific, I'm talking about tights that have designs on them. Namely, suspender/ripped tights.
I've never been the girly-girl, who could pull off the socks with boots/heels/pumps look. Then, there's how I don't look good in socks at weird lengths... SO, my best, most flattering alternative, are tights.

I don't know if this happens for everybody, but magically, I look slimmer once I throw on a pair of tights. Be it neon pink or black. It's as if tights has this magical property in them.

Of course, I'm not encouraging you to get a pair of tights NOW, maybe this is a tidbit you should think about. Besides, why not take that leap in fashion. It's always better to have tried than to never have done. (Pamela Avery's words of wisdom)

Some really quick pros about tights:
They're not as thick as leggings (duh.)
You can really look around for tights that suit your style.
Designs on tights can be really trendy (or sexy, when talking about suspender tights)

Some tips when you're wearing tights:
Tights are NEVER EVER EVER EVER a substitute for bottoms. NEVER. (Firstly, unless you wear a g-string, your panty line and overflowing butt shows. Secondly, most of us don't have the perfect, sexy ass, so watch the saggy butt girls.)

Oh, and a personal preference is black. They look more chic, and black itself has a very flattering effect on all body types.

xoxo pamela

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