Thursday, March 7, 2013

Distinctly Pamela Avery

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I must admit, I used to think blogging was easy. That it's just posting photos you take of yourself and it's really no biggie

But that was before this blog. I.E. before I moved over to

Since I kicked off this blog where I post about my favorite styles in both fashion and music, tutorials, reviews, coordinates... I realized blogging is not that much of a cup of tea (but it's my cup of goodness).

I don't seek to follow anyone now, I just really want to be honest to my readers, to myself. I want to be distinctly me, and not somebody else.

Take fashion sense for example. I used to think it was great to blend in, to dress like how everyone else dresses. I wanted to be accepted, to be liked, to fit in. Same thing with music. I only listened to what people recommended, didn't think much about my own opinions and placed my trust in what everyone said.

I think I grew my own voice over the years. No, I KNOW. I stopped dressing to care, started to listen to whatever I wanted, openly stated my views and stopped giving a fuck (mind my language) towards anybody else. (Unless you mean enough for me to value your opinion)

Why am I talking about this now?  I see so many people talking online in ways that they never do in reality.

Trust me, darlings, conforming to what society wants of you is never the answer. It suffocates, it kills.

I'm probably the badass now that I've grown up. LOL. But no matter what, I still want to be me. I came up with 'Avery' years ago, wondered if it suited me, tried to change it, but I guess it's a part of me now. A part of my persona on this blog.

Today, I just want to declare to be distinctly me. Distinctly Pamela Avery.
I'll always be this girl you see on the blog. I'll change. But only for myself. Never for others, not anymore.

xoxo pamela

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