Thursday, February 7, 2013

Music Review: The Summer Set

Another review for a 'verified Twitter account' band! Yay! It's not actually about the verification, but how honored I feel to have these bands following me.

Today's band is The Summer Set.
This band lives and breathes Punk Rock. I'm a HUGGEEE fan of punk rock bands like All Time Low (I know I mention them a lot...), Green Day, My Chemical Romance, just to name a few.
But even before I gave their songs a listen, the first thing I noticed was a female band member! A drummer nonetheless! Finally! A bit more proof that females CAN rock!! #feminism

Anyway, the first song I checked out from them was their new single, 'Fuck U Over'.

First comment? I love Brian Dales' (Vocals) voice. His voice is so unique I can't even place someone who sounds like him. It's different, in a good way. I get the feeling if I ever hear The Summer Set's music on radio, I'd be able to identify them because of Brian's voice.

While Brian Dales' voice has my fan vote and their punk rock beats and tune has gotten my thumbs up, they didn't manage to win my heart in 'Fuck U Over'. I guess I'd prefer to hear a song about someone's heart being broken or a love song as opposed to a song about how a guy fucked a girl over. That being said, as much as I loved the melody, the beats and Brian Dales' voice, I don't think this is going to be The Summer Set's winning single. But I'd have to say some parts of the lyrics in Fuck U Over did give me a few laughs... Maybe the occasional humor in the song would win the hearts of other girls?

Anyway, I'm kind of sold on them with their other songs:

I seriously love their music. Or punk rock. Maybe both. Probably both.
I'd have to say Mannequin got my vote more than Fuck U Over. It's the lyrics I guess... but I do like Fuck U Over's tune more than Mannequin so that's definitely an improvement in their music over time! Time sure does wonders...

So here's where they are on my scale:
It's actually a 3.5, but here's why they got this rating. I may have marked them down A BIT because Fuck U Over didn't win my heart, but I feel that there is so much more potential for The Summer Set to grow. As of now, The Summer Set's tunes are pretty stereotypical for a punk rock band, and I'd really like to hear them try out something different (within or outside of the punk rock genre)

Nonetheless, I love Brian Dales' voice and their rockin female drummer (Jess). Most importantly, I like their music regardless. Of course, I may not be completely sold on it yet, but The Summer Set is definitely a band I would be watching out for.

To The Summer Set: Hey guys! I hope I didn't sound too harsh here, but I was just throwing out what I felt about your music. Hope you won't hate me for this, but in all honesty, you guys are truly great and I seriously believe you have the potential to make it big like All Time Low! xoxo

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