Saturday, February 23, 2013

Music Review: You End Me

I just realized it's been ages since I last did a music review... Some really great bands have been following me recently, and I just haven't had the time to review anything! It sucks being busy with schoolwork AND falling sick.

You End Me is one of the newer bands I've come to know of, and I'm seriously digging their music.

Their single Dead End boasts of punk rock beats that keep you wanting for more. Dead End sounds like a really professional song that will definitely have you singing along to it once you've had a few listens.

Another one of their videos that caught my eye (or ear) is their take on Justin Bieber's 'As Long As You Love Me'.

I felt that they gave the song a rock beat that is distinctly different from how Justin did his. In fact, I found this rock version more refreshing! Good job guys!

That being said, here's what I think of the band:
I seriously love the lead singer's voice and their style, but in my opinion, You End Me needs more songs to allow me to give them a better review. I mean, if every of their songs are going to be as stellar as As Long As You Love Me or Dead End, then I'd say we're going to have a new pop/punk rock band we're all going to love, but in the meantime, I'm withholding judgement.

Nonetheless, I do love You End Me's music and will definitely keep checking this band out for any new music! So don't give up on what you love to do guys, I'll always be hanging around scouting new music to fall in love with!

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