Monday, February 4, 2013


I told myself that I was going to try out falsies again this weekend. (For both CNY and this blog) and I'm going to blog a lot so that I can post more stuff this upcoming week. I'm still on my way towards churning more good posts out, and I do hope everyone will still be patient with me when I can't blog much. (Especially so when school decides to give me a thrashing in full force.)

This past week has been helluva hectic and I've barely felt it pass.

I had my first critique/workshopping class - which was nerve-wrecking - and I think I did pick up some pointers from it!

Initially, I was completely mortified at the idea of my piece being up for critique that I posted it up on my blog to get (more) feedback before I headed to class. From that post, I realized how I can find such an AMAZING circle of writers who'd give me all the constructive feedback - and motivation -to help me write better. (PS. This refers to everyone who read my piece from the 'Writer's Discussion Group' on Google+ and Glipho. I have no idea how I would have felt if I hadn't received all the helpful feedback from everyone.)

So, with my expectations of how the class would react, I headed for class that day... Only to realize how my peers receive my piece differently from how I perceived it and the critique I received previously. I wasn't too sure if the comments on my piece being somewhat like 'Alice In Wonderland' was a good thing or not, and they did give me some other pointers, but overall, I felt that it was a great experience. There's always room for improvement!

Now, to a lighter topic!
Since I had falsies on, I decided to play with looks!
This is my 'hip hop'/stone faced look. I'm not pointing fingers, just saying how I think I look like.

Compared to the previous pair of lashes I wore, these were thicker, so they're a bit harder to put on. However, I do like both pairs so I can't choose. The first one was a more natural look, but this pair was thicker and sexier (but occasionally gave me the sleepy look).


 I have no idea why my hair looks blonde in the pictures, but I must admit, I kinda love it. Maybe I should have 5 colors in my hair next time. *starts singing to 'Five Colors in Her Hair by McFly*

That's all for now! 
Have a great week dearies!


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