Thursday, February 28, 2013

Music Review: The Royal (Part 2)

 The Royal is probably one of the first bands I've reviewed since I started this blog, and when they released their new single 'This Isn't Love', I found myself loving the band more than I already did.

This band is seriously rad! The pop rock beats are always a great melody to listen to when I decide to calm my ears after listening to long periods of hard rock. Not to mention how This Isn't Love had me singing to it after a couple of listens! You guys HAVE TO listen to this!

This Isn't Love boasts of pop rock beats that'll have you tapping your toes and singing to it, and eventually dancing in your room (like Taylor Swift in You Belong With Me). Once again, The Royal blew me away with the perfect blend of beats, melody, background and vocals. It's the perfect fuse of the elements... God, I love it. (and my iTunes page is open as I blog this... Definitely buying this song! - PS. Update: I've already bought ALL their songs on iTunes)

Seriously though, The Royal has never failed to impress mefrom their rendition of Die Young to Girl Like That, to Freaks and This Isn't Love. I have no idea why these guys aren't signed yet because I think they have so much potential in them!

If you need more proof, listen to this:

Amazing right?
I swear I'm falling love with this band as I listen to more of their music! (and I wish I stayed in the US so I can visit them!! ): )

Since I've started my half ratings, here's what I think of The Royal:
It's no question that The Royal is  crazy talented and obviously know what they're doing. And I promise you, this grade has nothing to do with the fangirl in me. I wasn't totally convinced when I first listened to them because they didn't have much music on their YouTube page, but they're pretty successful in getting me on their side. (and falling for them. YES, I know I've said this a lot.)

Still, I'd love to hear MORE from The Royal. Perhaps you could show us a different side of you by trading the pop beats for something a bit more mellow? Like the acoustic version of Die Young.

Don't worry too much about the feedback. You already have a fan in me. I'll always be on your side. HEHE.

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