Monday, January 7, 2013

A Darker Girls Generation (SNSD) Style

Every once in a while, I like to spend a day out on my own. Finding the stuff I want, shopping at my own pace and time. It's relaxing.

Since school's starting Monday next week, I figured I'd take that day off ASAP. I've always loved matching my clothes with jackets. (How I survive jackets under Singapore's weather, I'll never know.) Actually, it was supposed to be window shopping... But I know me.

Disclaimer: This post involves my interpretation of SNSD's style in 'I Got A Boy'. It involves steals I've gotten from New Year Sales and has more of a Rock vibe to it vs. Girls Generation

I was already into a certain kind of dressing, and the best way to describe it would be...

Using Girls Generation (SNSD)'s 'I GOT A BOY' concept. With the big jackets/outerwear and matching them with shorts (like Tiffany and Sunny) since I have short legs. BUT, as I'm not a fond advocate of outstanding colors as of late, I altered this style into something more... me.
AKA, something not as preppy and girly, but instead, something more rockstar-ish.

Here's what I got:

Similar to how SNSD carries off their style, you can't do without a pair of studded shorts!

I got them at New Look. It was originally S$49.90, but I got it for S$24.95! I ALMOST didn't buy it because it was originally tagged at S$34.93! It's definitely a steal for studded shorts from a retail outlet!

Next up, taking into account Sooyong and Yuri's over sized sweaters (see first picture), I got myself an over sized sweater from H&M!

This sweater is going for S$20 at H&M thanks to New Year Sales! Fine, I didn't buy it to match SNSD... I've been wearing these kinds of sweaters for quite some time. BUT, since KISS is practically a legendary Hard Rock band, this sweater would definitely add the Rockstar vibe to your look! It's not only chic, it keeps you warm AND it's a steal since I always get these around S$35!

When SNSD wears jackets in 'I Got A Boy', they tend to match it up with tanks and other brightly colored, printed tops inside! Since we're talking about being darker than SNSD, I got a black sleeveless top from Forever 21.
I got this at retail price, but I had a student discount of 10%, so it wasn't that expensive! S$25 - 10%, you do the math.
Actually, this isn't SNSD at all, but I think it gives a very rock vibe and is perfect for those of us who aren't as bold to show our midriff! Definitely a more conservative, rock-edged version of SNSD! (I'm convincing myself! LOL)


 I got this super long blazer from F21 (with student discount as well). I was randomly browsing through a rack when I saw it, tried it, decided it was awesome. AND, it's the last piece and it's my size. It has to be fate!
I realized that I can actually match it like Miley Cyrus or Kim Kardashian...

 To be honest, I only realized that when I came home. At the store, I was thinking of channeling my internal Serena Van Der Woodsen when I matched the blazer. Like this:

Lastly! My accessories. Here's the thing. Accessories are one of the most important parts of the outfit to me (that's why I have so many), so it's always crucial to match your accessories with the style you're trying to pull off.

All the above accessories are from Lovisa @ Wisma Atria. Ever since Lovisa opened in Singapore, I've loved visiting that store because I somehow feel that I can definitely find something that suits me from Lovisa. For their New Year Sales, rings (on sale only) are going at 3 for $12, which is super steal since most of their rings are going at $13 and above per piece during a non sale period. If you love vintage items like me, you should definitely check out Lovisa! (especially now!)

Rock will never die. LOL. K, bye.


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