Monday, January 21, 2013

USA2012: Yosemite National Park - First Sight (Part 10)

Second last post of my US trip! This has been rotting in my draft inbox since forever so I guess it's time to get it up on my blog! HEHE.

I've lived a charmed life. I've been to places like The Gold Coast, Paris, London, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong... and if you count 11 years ago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sequoia National Park.
BUT, I've never seen snow. Never seen snow on the ground, patches of white, never.

So, I can only be THAT excited when I found out that I was finally going to see snow and I was going to see it in the US. When I actually started seeing snow that had accumulated, I told myself,"I'm glad that the first time I see snow, it's somewhere full of nature."

Traveling up the mountain to Yosemite itself already seemed like there was a magical force of nature at work that morning...

Until, we started to see the first signs of snow..

The forest floors littered with snow just made it seem so magical. Like frosting on a Christmas Cake! (Best analogy I can think of...)

Then, we stopped for pictures...

Then we went a little higher up where we could get a close up of the waterfall... and took more pictures! How can you take enough pictures with snow! It's the perfect background!

Don't ask. I don't recall what I stuffed in my pockets. LOL.

After that, it was a LONNGGGG drive back to Orange County, but nature showed me one last beauty on the way back.
Rays of sunlight! Looks so pretty right? I doubt we see it in Singapore with all the skyscrapers around, but isn't it nice to see a scene like this once in a while?

And that rounds up all the places I've traveled! I think I'm going to do one more post on all the things I've done as we traveled to all the various locations! HEHE!

Till next time!


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