Saturday, January 5, 2013

USA2012: San Francisco - Stanford University (Part 6)

Once again, we found ourselves traveling on the road with Tour America, this time, to San Francisco. For those not familiar with California, a drive to San Francisco will take you approximately 8 hours. Yes, it's as long as a plane ride, but I'm not talking about my "sitting on a bus" days in this post.

By the time we reached San Francisco, it was dinner time, so we embarked on our San Francisco tour the next day.

Starting off, we visited an Ivy League school, Stanford University.
Since it's Winter Break (and a Sunday), you don't really see anyone around. I don't know if that counts as a blessing or a curse. Blessing that we could get pictures of the campus without anyone (apart from other tourists) in our way, or Curse that I was not able to see any cute Stanford guys. Hm.

Like I said, since it was December Break, the classrooms were empty, so I couldn't help but take a peek into them...

 Hm. This looks interesting...
 I'd walk up stairs with such beautiful railings any day.

Apart from the structures that speak of the heritage of the school, Stanford University has so much open space and benches around that just speaks of how conducive it is for studying and relaxing your mind after a stressful day of lessons.
Super conducive!

As much as I love Stanford, I'm not studying there, so I had to bid goodbye to this beautiful university for the next thing on the itinerary.

After Stanford, Tour America brought us to Silicon Valley where all you see are girls with big boobs. NO, I'M JOKING. Silicon Valley is home to all your technology firms like Intel, Apple and Google. Since it was a Sunday, you don't see much people and the stores are not open (so we couldn't buy anything from Apple!), we merely drove through the various companies.

For Apple Fans out there, here's your mother ship:

Completely unrelated and random shot.

#TravelerTip: Try to visit the Silicon Valley on a work day so you can drop by the stores to grab any merchandise! Word has it there's a one of a kind Apple tee in theirs!

Of course, that's not the end of my San Francisco Trip... More to come soon!


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