Monday, January 7, 2013

USA2012: San Francisco - The Golden Gate (Part 8)

The #1 thing that represents San Francisco best would be the Golden Gate Bridge. If you don't see it, you've never really traveled to San Francisco. This post is just a quick post on some places we went to snap pictures around San Francisco.

The day we went, it was really foggy after the rain, so we weren't able to see the entire bridge, but I think the fog gives it an eerie, fascinating feel to it. Don't you think?

After the Golden Gate, we went on to the Exploratorium for some pictures.
However, if you do have the time, the Exploatorium features over 600 exhibits of science and art. Sounds good huh. (I wish I got to go in!)
Nonetheless, I was surprised by the size of the structures. They're HUGE.

Love flowers? Here's a street in San Francisco you can visit. Lombard Street.
Lombard Street is actually better known for their zigzagging roads up on a hill and that's one of the  places we found ourselves at. With the bus stopping at the bottom of a steep hill, we made our way up to Lombard Street for some pictures.

 A red vintage convertible! Best combination ever! I WANT!


San Francisco is better known for snapping pictures at some famous locations so I'm sorry I can't give you any super special tips in this post. However, I do hope this helps you if you're deciding what to do if you ever visit San Francisco!

For now, have fun my dearests!


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