Thursday, January 17, 2013


If there's one thing I absolutely CAN'T do when it comes to makeup, it's putting falsies. It's not that I don't want to, but I just never got the hang of it. So, I'd stay on with the good ol' mascara to give me the long lashes I want.

Me, bare faced, makeup free.

I don't have short lashes, but without makeup, my face is nothing spectacular. Small iris, bad skin... You name it.

Then recently, I kept hearing people talking about Maybelline's Falsies mascara and it's magical powers to give girls the long lashes that falsies can. For someone who can't put falsies, I was hooked. It was under my list of 'TO TRY' beauty products. Hey, which girl doesn't want pretty lashes!

From the moment I tried it, I loved it. Utterly adored it! I could see the distinct curl of my lashes without putting the camera right up to my face! If you want a close up...
See the extent of the curl?!

So here's a tip to you girls out there. If you want nice, long, pretty lashes, don't hesitate to buy a bottle of Maybelline's The Falsies mascara! I wore it out the entire day and it still stayed in its original curl! Absolutely amazing!

(Shock face! :O)

Tip: Don't layer too much mascara on, like every other mascara, it smudges a bit as the day wears on! (but it's not too bad so it's getting my stamp of approval!)

I give this mascara a score of:
It's a 3.5, and it only got a lower score because it smudged a bit and I hate smudging at my eyes. So until I find a mascara that doesn't flake, smudge and gives my lashes all the length and volume they need, I won't give them a rating of 5. HEHE.

Hope this helped if you're deciding on purchasing a mascara!
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xoxo pamela

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