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USA2012: The Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam (Part 5)

So far, I've shown you theme parks, bright lights and beautiful cities. Today, I'll show you one of the highlights of my trip, with one of the most astounding views you can ever find on Earth, The Grand Canyon.

Since we were traveling over from Las Vegas via Tour America, I had to wake up at FOUR AM in the morning just to travel! I know. WTF. Good thing is, I got treated to one beautiful view even before we reached the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon is one of the world's wonders for a reason. It's natural beauty.
During this trip, my first visit to the Grand Canyon was accompanied by a return Helicopter ride and a boat ride down the Colorado river (that's surrounded by the Grand Canyon). With Tour America, the rides cost us $190/pax, which if I'm not wrong, is cheaper than the rate you get if you travel on your own.

Below are some pictures I snapped from the front seat of the Helicopter!

My take on this? The copter ride may be a lot more expensive than the Skywalk ($35/pax), but I'd reckon it's the best way to see the Grand Canyon. A helicopter gives you a MOVING birds eye view of the Grand Canyon and shows you so many aspects of it as opposed to walking on the Skywalk. If you have that extra money to spend, why not opt for the copter ride instead. BEST way to spend your money.

Besides, it's a whole new view when your 4000ft lower. I can't explain, you have to be there for yourself. Here's the thing though, the temperature is warmer by the time you reach the bottom! (I was shivering before the copter ride!)

Aside from view, during the boat ride, my captain (driver? idk.) was really helpful in stopping to help us with group pictures and TURNED the boat numerous times so everyone could get group shots with different views of the canyon. With such good service, how can you deny taking up this package.

#GrandCanyon Traveler Tip: TAKE THE HELICOPTER + BOAT RIDE. You'll get the best views of the Canyon there!

After the ride, we were given meal coupons to have our meal at the Grand Canyon!

See the 'Bus Pass'? At the Grand Canyon, they have buses that make rounds to various parts of the canyon. They're doing they're job, but they don't forget to give you information about the Grand Canyon while you're on it (and some drivers are just so funny you can't stop laughing!).

So, first stop. (PS. If you're taking the Skywalk, this is where you alight.)

At first, my hands were sweating when I saw how far up we actually were (and they don't have railings to stop you from falling over!), so I was a little freaked out. Then I saw this Native Indian and asked for a picture. God, that freaked me out more when he went to the edge of the Canyon and asked to take a picture there. OMFG. I was so fucking scared.
But I got over it. AND after that, the canyon didn't intimidate me anymore! Cheers to Wakaliva (meaning: Fallen Sky)!

If you checked my instagram, you'd see that Wakaliva actually drew on a piece of rock for me! ^^

The best thing you can get from a trip would be to learn about a different culture, and I feel that that's what I did at the Grand Canyon. Wakaliva told me about his tribe and other tribes around the area, about the weather at the Canyon, and Nicholas Cage filmed part of NEXT in the Grand Canyon.
I'm not telling you the details! You have to go there for yourself!

Second Stop. Lunch Stop.

So we used our meal coupons to get some food to fill our bellies.
You only have a choice of beef/chicken, everything else is served while in a queue. But no arguments there! I liked the food (I chose Beef).

Then as we were eating, we saw some crows and I was like, "I HAVE TO SNAP A PICTURE!"

Then... More sightseeing. But truly, this is one sight I'll never forget for the rest of my life. A picture may speak a 1000 words, but being there is indescribable. Pictures don't do the Grand Canyon justice.


After the Grand Canyon, we visited Hoover Dam. Where you see.... A Dam. That's popular. Since we weren't given much time, we didn't take too many pictures (anyway the main part of it was The Grand Canyon and everything else pales in comparison).


After that, it was time to head back to Las Vegas for dinner. As Tour America brought the rest of the group for Asian Seafood Buffet, my family decided we should cut costs and stepped into another fast food restaurant. I LOVE fast food in the USA so I'm not complaining.

Freddy's is delicious as hell. I'd say it's comparable, or better than most of the other fast food outlets you get.
Aside from their generous amount of mustard, they prepare burgers the old fashioned way, by frying the buns. With the bread crispy from frying and with a taste you can only get from frying the bun, I no longer want to eat any of the burgers in Singapore. It's crazy YUMMY.
But, the best part would be THEIR FRIES. Freddy's has fries that are thinner than the fries in most fast food outlets and with thinner fries, comes a crispier result! I love how they have such crispy, delicious fries that just makes me want to eat them over and over and over! (Not to mention how generous they are with the amount of it!)

Now I'm wishing that Freddy's will come to Singapore! Maybe I should start saving and ask to franchise over here huh....

Well, that's all I did that day, but here's a tip:


The Grand Canyon's still on my bucket list. I wanna see it at least once more before I die.


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